Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday, Rain Finally, Catching Up, WEGO HEALTH 2016 AWARDS! and my Nomination - Check it out!

Rainy here finally, not a hard rain but nice and slow like we need... not a great deal either...but it appears "if" things go as they show, we will be getting more over the next few days... I am concerned about thunderstorms, mainly hail... I am in the process of going to paint for awhile at house #2, but I certainly don't want my Prius hailed on... that would be a disaster... but I don't think hail will be an issue, maybe lightening and thunder but so far this morning, we have not had any of that just lots of heavy rain clouds, much COOLER temps thank goodness, I had to turn off my A/C for a bit this morning... so that is a good thing... anyway, got some stuff done yesterday at home #1 - I had some paperwork to do, had a few other things that were beginning to pile up on my desk, so I got some of that done...

 I've got to take the Elantra over to Wal-Mart - depending on the weather, maybe tomorrow, the battery has had it, and I can charge it, but due to it sitting and not being driven any, it runs down... but it needs to be changed anyway. It already was old and not working as it should... so I need to take back some "horrible" paint brushes I made the mistake of buying at Wally World and I am taking those back , plus I had bought some french onion dip mix at HEB, and two mini rose bushes, that had for $1.99 each last week... it was kind of "odd" to me that they had them marked down so low... they "appeared" to be healthy!!! BUT, within 2 days, one of them just died... no apparent reason, I had not done a thing but put a bit of water on it, and it just died... the other one, was not looking the best, but I decided to re-pot it to see if it would be okay... hell NO, it died also... the onion dip package had a hole in it, so it is hard as a brick... and I believe I had mentioned those things over the weekend... but I threw away the small pots the roses were in from the store... I have the receipt and the little plastic explanations about them, and one of them I still have the paper that was around it, but I only have the one bush left, that is already in another pot, dead... but I REALLY don't want to go the the trouble of taking that dead rose bush in... so I am going to take the receipt, the dip mix, and tell them about the roses... I THINK THEY KNEW something was WRONG WITH THEM... SO THEY MARKED THEM DOWN... to get them out of the store before they died... somewhere someone either put something wrong on them, or did something, and they knew those bushes were going to die... I just can't believe both of them died within 2 or 3 days of me bringing them home... I have two from a couple of years back and in fact both of them are on the porch and both have blooms on them right now... other than that if you have TIME -

PLEASE GO TO THE WEGO HEALTH NOMINEES FOR AWARDS THIS YEAR AND put a "good word" in for my nomination... I have not said much about it, but I am nominated right now for my blog, and there are many other awards that you can be nominated for... so not just me, but anyone and in any of the categories you feel should be recognized and get an award (I would get a special graphic to put on my website, plus they send the winners each year a box full of goodies, balloons, a little award, T-shirts, pens etc... I actually also judged the past two years for them also.. so they may ask me again to judge... that was kind of fun.... Here is the link and I've got to get my butt in gear and get to painting....

Link to my WEGO Nomination and "bio"!

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