Saturday, August 13, 2016

Celebrating My Mom's Life on Her Birthday that would have been on August 28th... and Life..,

Well since the weather is not looking good for our area nor the Casinio's area for tomorrow and Monday, and I don't cherish driving in Dallas, through Denton with GOOD weather, so much road construction last time I was through there, plus Mom's Birthday would be August 28th, SO in order to celebrate for her as I said in my earlier post, I switched to go that day on her birthday! 

I think she would be or is "thrilled" that I go and have all of those good memories of us going and coming back from Winstar. So, I do look forward to reminiscing about our trips... that was the ONE thing Mom did enjoy doing... So, I am off to try and get some painting done... I am still not feeling like "myself"...I can't explain it, but I just feel like I am having issues with that vertigo mess, and I notice if I bend over, then stand up my head feels "full" so maybe even the allergies and sinus stuff with the weather as it is... but the plants and grass and trees are so happy! 

They just need A GREAT DEAL more rain BUT SLOWLY... so I wish all a good weekend, I am going to try and get a few things done over at house#2.... and talking about that... I bought those 2 "mini rose bushes" lst week at HEB. They had them marked for $1.99 each... which they are usually at least 5.99.... so I wondered what the deal was... they all "looked" great.. but within 2 days of taking them home, the lilac colored one appeared to just have "died"... and the white/yellow colored one does not look much better. I even re-potted them thinking it is because they don't have proper soil. But, I am so mad at HEB - I BET they KNOW something is "wrong" with them, so they marked them down to get them out of the store, and then we buy them and they die... I have two others from there from a couple of years ago, and they are blooming right now... so I know something had to be wrong for them to mark them that cheaply and then one just die within 2 days... also I bought a packet of "French Onion Dip" mix... like McCormick's I think that same day. 

Well, I started to open it after I got home to make some, and the entire packet is just hard as a brick, like the stuff is old. Well, I found a tiny tear in the packet, so I am sure that ruined it... but how can they NOT find these things out... I am willing to bet a box of them got "nicked" when they were putting them on the shelves... I've seen them do it before... and now I have to take that back... another warning, DO NOT BUY paint brushes from Wally World! They stopped carrying the "Purdy" brand which we bought over 10 years ago, and the brushes are still in fair shape... but I felt I needed 2 new ones, and I bought them at Wally World, and they were not "cheap" - just about as much as a paint store with a sale... so I used one of them, and began to find bristles coming out in my paint dammit. I hate that... as old as my other ones are, never have I saw one bristle come out in my paint... 

so the other ones I bought from there I am taking back and telling them they are pricing them at well over 10.00 and they are worth about 2.00 if that much... LOL!!!!! I HATE having to take stuff back, especially when it is something that is "their fault"... it is a pain in the butt, and takes up MY TIME having to go back and get a refund...anyway, I got my "good brushes" and some paint yesterday that was on sale.., so I am back in business.... I will take more pics as the rooms begin to come together....

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