Monday, June 19, 2017

CONTINUED FROM "Delving Into "hopefully" a New Outlook on Rheumatic Illnesses & finding Ways to get the word out to Others... Possibly a New BOOK, A new "Non-Profit" to be active with, and a "new attitude" for myself "Relationships" Chronic Illnesses, and Life

It's a mixed emotional painful weekend last few days for me... my entire BODY hurts so badly, and I am not sure what the hell is going on. Even MANY of the "joints" that have been completely replaced hurt so badly, I a not sure what to make out of it.

I continue to blame much of the severe pain that sometimes occurs on the humid, wet TX weather. Not the "heat" so much, as it is the basically HIGH HUMIDITY we have most of the time, whether hot or cold here.

You would think I lived much closer to the coast the way the humidity is so high here. Yet, I live at least 6 hours from the coast, if I went directly to Houston from where I am.

So, "the region" is not to blame for sure. We just happen to have a great deal of very "wet, damp" even some mornings the lawn will appear as if it has rained the night before because everything is so "wet and the moisture just "hangs" almost in the air.

Yet, I have to believe that there is more to what I am feeling than humidity. It's gotten me hurting so badly, that it matters not what I do or don't do, the pain is almost unbearable. In fact it can be down right frightening.

When you are already "autoimmune compromised" with RA, Lupus and so forth, you are on medications that are "risky" to say the least for severe infections, and sometimes even cancer that could develop although the risks are very low, I fear "infected" joint replacements, or something that has gone "wrong" with the implants... Yet it's not just those joints, it is all of my other joints, muscles, my lower back, headaches, every inch of my body seems to just ache deeply down almost as if my "bones" were in pain.

I've researched the subject many times, because this has happened to me over the past at least 10 years off and on, with really no way to find a good explanation or a diagnosis to put your finger on and say OKAY, "this is what's wrong"....

As I've told my pain specialist before I could literally...

Alas MONDAY MORNING ARRIVES, AND GUESS WHAT??? HIGH HUMIDITY, STORMY WEATHER, AND A "THICKNESS" IN THE AIR that feels like you could "push it up and sit down on it"....

So, no one can say "weather" does NOT effect many of us very dramatically especially when joints, bones, muscles, and chronic pain and chronic conditions are present....

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