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Monday, March 18, 2019

Now the Government wants to "have our "Social Media" used to determine if we are Disabled??????

Talk about a crock! They will do anything to try and take away our benefits many of us worked for years and earned SS and Medicare, when after 25 years or more we become too ill to work and need our disability!

This is just absolutely ridiculous! I feel like they prefer we pass on, rather than try and live what life we have with our family, friends, spouses, and enjoy the days that are often few that are good.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Do things EVER GET better from here??? Part 1- more to come...

I absolutely know that those directly effected by Hurricane Harvey, along with 2 more, one a category 5 STORM now, and the horrid nature of fires burning our entire Pacific Coastline nearly; along with other natural and man made disasters, we all wonder what the heck is next!?

As the news talks about the horrid events now days, they make it so utterly scary that many of us don't want to even walk out of our homes... between terrorism that comes in small, medium and HUGE FACTORS, how Mother Nature is reeking havoc in almost every state in the USA, and even across the waters into Europe. and the Asian countries, each day I wonder, will it ever get better? Are we just "doomed" to never see the "light" of day again, under all of the horrible things going on?

Our Federal Government is a total mess! That is stating it in a mild way. We are bound if we sit around, and allow it to be in a 3rd War soon, and none of us will be able to afford health care, and as some of us feel, we think the government just soon us "die" than to have to care for those chronically ill or elderly. That is a terrible statement but that is honestly how they come off now when they talk about "Obama" Care, and the ACA, and so forth.

We "used to be" the greatest nation in our world. Yet we are greedy, narcissistic, petty, arguing, not caring, or have no patience or compassion for the many of us suffering, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. Oh yes, everyone "comes together" when a huge disaster strikes, but on a daily level, of everyday life, people in general, not ALL but many could care less about their neighbors, people they work with, and even family members, much less strangers off the street.

While the entire world watches, the maniac in No. Korea is pounding and stomping, ready to annihilate our nation and others. I realize that although many wanted the current person as President of our country, I feel now there are those that wished they had not made that decision. He has no tact, he didn't in the running, he has no "people skills" and relies on his "team" that keeps either leaving or getting fired to "mop up his mess". How we can sit around and allow our President to "tweet" just anything he "feels" at the moment is beyond my comprehension. People griped about Hillary's emails" - well as far as I am concerned, what the "current" Leader of our nation does daily trumps (love it the word play there) LOL!  .. any email Hillary ever had compromised....

From the insurance ordeal, to him making more "enemies", to his "brushing" off the common daily person, with his attitude, to how he continues to cause this nation to possibly be in an all out war... he is just a train wreck waiting to happen.

"We" as a nation, seem to live now in one type of horror, or more than one these days. Whether it be physical illnesses, often chronic, acute health issues requiring emergent care, getting robbed, having some type of "terrorism" so close to us, knowing that there are those that just as soon "completely rid" the world of our country's people, high prices, and less wages... we live now in a society that nothing is ever "calm" , without stress, or have days that we are not worried about one thing or the other.

These are times of complications every where we turn. Health care costs are soaring. When a medication that is "necessary" to keep us with a good quality of life, in in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH, OR WE MUST JUMP THROUGH HOOPS, anytime we have a health problem/ The days of bullying is at an all time high. Kids no longer can be "kids"... from the time they are very young, we in these days must teach them "how to not be harmed".. whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. Now the "bullies" lurk not just face to face, but on the internet, causing so many of our children to be terrorized at a young age. Kids must watch out for those with "guns", knives or other weapons, in the time of their life that those things should not exist.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

BOMBARDED BY INSANE SURGERY, DOCTOR & BONE STIMULATOR BILLS...What they heck do they think we have "millions"" This should really make you also upset, especially if you have any Chronic Illnesses...

Well, Urgent Care "does" have  radiologist that reads the Films, but since I came in with an "order" for it from another doctor, they don't send out a report, If I had asked them and went in for pain in my hip and thigh, I could have gotten the entire report. But, I think I can get into a Patient Portal where it should be logged in my records. Anyway, it is the same person at the hospital that reads them, and he had already read mine. So, I got her to tell me "basically" what it said... and she said it appeared there were "no loose" problems with the hardware... so I don't know if there is something else, but I do know that apparently the gamma nail and the screws are

yet there could be other things going on, like bone spurs, or bursitis, etc... and they may not have told me that.... I know I have signed up for their patient portal, but emailed because the usual user names I used none of those worked... anyway TODAY I GO TO THE MAILBOX" AND "ORTHOFIX" who are the ones that SENT ME THIS DEAL I WEAR 4 HOURS A DAY, EVERYDAY BECAUSE MY DOCTOR ORDERED IT DUE TO MY OSTEOPOROSIS, AND IT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP STIMULATE THE BONES AND HELP ALL OF THAT FUSE ..... well, they called me from the place "Orthofix" they told me my surgeon ordered it and they were FedExing it to me overnight.hey NEVER SAID ONE WORD ABOUT INSURANCE, COST ETC... OR IF I WOULD OWE ANYTHING, NOT ONE WORD... So, today the 'STATEMENT' COMES AND THAT DAMNED THING COSTS 5,000.00!!!!!!!  and MY PORTION IS OVER 600.00!!!!!

 I am so pissed about the entire ordeal, the surgeon charged me HIMSELF 78,000.000 and that was not the hospital etc... i knew I would owe him "more" than if he was "in network" but hell, my insurance only paid like 5,000.00 and they have to write off a certain portion, BUT HiS BILL IS 1,600.00  and yes you are reading that right... he charged MORE THAN THE HOSPITAL BILL WAS!!!! Anyway, I am SO PISSED.... JUST LIKE THIS ORDEAL OVER "OBAMA CARE" HOW TO THEY EXPECT ME ALONE, LIVING ON LESS THAN 20,000 A YEAR TO PAY OVER 6,000.00 ON TWO SURGERIES????? It's insane & I am seriously thinking about talking to one of the "news networks" in Dallas and tell my story.... it is freaking ridiculous....

I am upset, mad, hurt, and mostly just pissed, if I don't try to "negotiate" or pay these they will ruin my credit that took me over 10 years to get back in shape after my 2nd marriage..... it is totally greed... plus this this "cannot be used again" ... so if I did have to have surgery, and needed one, then it would have to GET ANOTHER ONE... after like 6 MONTHS, it is "gone out and it will be sitting here and cannot help me after this one surgery.......