Saturday, February 11, 2017

FINALLY MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO MYSELF, Had it since before I fell on Dec. 13th, and my two new rugs, office and living room & now it is looking Much better around here.

Finally, NEW RUGS, My Office back together, my new sofa/chaise/futon in and OUT with the funky sofa, and new rug in place also... have had the sofa in my hallway, since BEFORE I FELL ON DECEMBER 13TH, sitting in boxes, for my "Christmas present" to myself.... so finally with the help of my son, we got the living room put back together... the sofa is a grayish/blue i guess...

It goes well when you see it, in person... and I am so PROUD to have it all in order and now I hope to go get my new puppy, well he will be about 5 or more months old... but I wanted to get the old sofa, and both rugs out, and be able to get everything in place before bringing a new puppy in....

so I think although I still have LOTS of work to do around here, I now at least have this part finished!

 Of course my pup Peanut in the way when I try to take pics... he is a "ham" when it comes to getting his photo made..

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