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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Animal Pain Awareness Month! Our Pets have Pain too!

 Our Animals and their Pain is REAL ALSO!

We even as pet owners, don't "think" that one of our fur-babies" might be in pain. In fact my little terrier Peanut, "suddenly" started holding a back foot up, and he can't stand to put it to the ground. I was in the shower, and before I got in he was fine. But, when I came out int the living room, I noticed he was having a hard time getting up.... 

I went to him and asked him if his foot or leg hurt, but I believe it's a nail he probably hung while I was in the shower, and him and Bella were playing and he probably pulled a nail to the quick... They will NOT behave for me, if I try myself to cut them, and Bella keeps her front ones "groomed herself.. but taking them to the Vet is also a pain, they are just nuts in the car, and they are like two bulls in a china closet to get them out, in the car, out at the Vet, inside, and then to the car again, and home... But. when I saw this article in my newspaper today, it dawned on me, pets show :pain" in different ways"....

 I can tell which one of mine maybe hurting or not feeling well, but the other acts completely different. Anyway, a reminder to keep an eye out for a limp, or licking a paw, or Bells "whines" and mopes .... He is better today... I am glad. I thought I may have to take him to the doctor, and I FINALLY JUST GOT TO GET THE LAB WORK DONE YESTERDAY!!! Just 2 or 3 weeks LATE! I have felt like heck, this weather is really effecting my joints etc badly

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Our "fur-babies" & just how critical they are many of us our Live's, chronically ill, unable to get out, or have little or no family nor friends

I realize many people in the nation and around the globe have "fur-babies"... I know there are a great deal of us that think of them, as a family member, & crucial to our daily living.

When you get a puppy, kitten, or any type of animal that you can "bond" with, that bond can be so tight that either "you" or your "Fur-kid" can be severely upset for one or the other to not be around.

I know for me, if I didn't have my two "fur-babies" I don't think I would survive with all of the health problems, loss of two other precious pups, so much pain, & the "difficulty" in life to survive all we go through.

Those with pets, know they love unconditionally, they are loyal to the "inth" degree, and they treasure YOU as much as you treasure THEM!

It even makes me upset just to have to go away for a day and night, and them not be able to go... I worry like it was another "human" family member, they are who keep me smiling when I want to "pitch life" down the drain and say to hell with all of it.

So, I "lost" two of the most precious pups of my entire life... my dearest Tazzy, my Pug that I got for a Christmas present and she was only about 7 weeks old when I could finally pick her up. She was everything to me, no matter how sick, how much pain I had, how things seemed just out of kilter, there Tazz was to make me smile... Then several years later, I decided to add a 2nd fur baby to my home. So, Bubba Gump, (Bub's as I called him) who was part "doxie" and part "chiquawa" but I didn't see much of the 2nd part in him... they called him a "Chi-weenie" but the "Chi" was not there in looks. Anyway, he also came along at about 6 weeks old, so tiny he could sit here on my desk with me. Tazz was about 6 almost 7 years old, when one morning I noticed she was "acting odd". From the time I got her, about 10 times during her entire life she would get a "seizure like" episode, and would shake, shiver, get tired, and we had to hold her, talk to her, and in 15 minutes she would usually calm down, and be fine and ready to play. One morning, she just acted like she didn't have an energy to even walk to the kitchen. I went to look for her, since she was not coming when I called her, and she was laying beside her water bowl, so weak I had to literally help her put her head up enough to get some water. I almost had a heart attack.... I went into almost the worst panic attack I had ever had, and immediately picked her up, wrapped her up and rushed to our Vet, who thank goodness is only about 3 blocks from me... they took blood work, and Tazzy, just was limp and weak... and my heart broke to see her like that... I will never, never forget that feeling I had... so the Vet said she felt like taking her home with me was the best idea and then bring her back the next morning for more tests... Well, I think the Vet and I both knew Tazz would not go to the Vet the next morning....

It's taken me a while to even try to finish and post this. I still feel the pain from such a great loss, of my two fur-babies. Those that don't have pets, may not understand the way they become a family member. When you live alone, or don't have much family, or many friends around, that one or more pet, whether it be a dog, cat, or others, are what keep you going. The days when the pain is severe or any number of symptoms arise, I can look down at Bella and Peanut, and know that I am "needed and loved unconditionally by those two small tiny fur-kids....

I wanted to get this published, but I will close this one now, and do another in a few days.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Talking about our own Advocacy work, activism, the GOOD you TRULY DO, & What makes "us tick" - all of us differ one to the other... and Chronic Illnesses and pain can create and reek havoc on us, as well as age....

I have a "surprise" for everyone, but I wanted to wait until our newspaper publishes it here locally, then I will post it on Facebook, in my personal newspaper and on my blog. I have a "Press Release" from a project, that is really a vital program for research in many different realms of chronic illnesses and/or pain. I've participated two times so far, after they "found" me. 
The 1st time, I guess we did not do a news release, but they have this time. I was so thrilled about it, because I always have to sign a NDA (non-disclosure affidavit) each year they ask me to do my part. I want to share it, not just because if it being "me" but MORE to show ALL OF YOU, HOW YOUR INPUT, YOUR ADVOCACY, WHETHER ONLINE, emails, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or however you may help out when it comes to activism DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I've done advocacy and activist items now for about 5 years, for different organizations and in different realms. Some of them, really in depth, like getting to go to Congress in Washington DC with the Arthritis Foundation, or posting blog articles, or my Facebook things that I read, post, and try to help provide viable and possible solutions for so many of us, that truly need to be helped, whether through knowledge (which believe me KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR OWN HEALTH, ILLNESSES, PHYSICIANS, SURGERIES, and all types of medical needs we step into during life.) I found out that although "some doctors do not like "educated" patients' MANY OF THEM are extremely happy to see patients taking an initiative to reach out, look for answers, make lists, ask questions, and not sit back and just rely on what our physicians tell us. 
LIFE and PATIENTS are too many and too busy, and our medical people NEED us to know all we can... so it saves lives, even our own. If you KNOW your medications, what you take, what you are allergic to, or have an idea about all of your medical issues, your surgeries and symptoms that are due to either a chronic medical illness such as RA or Lupus. Or if you are diabetic, you KNOW your own body, what you CAN eat, how to keep your blood sugar evened out, or other medications, know the side effects, understand when you NEED to call your doctor, OR when that side effect may not HURT you or even after a few days go away, rather than trying to call a doctor's office, and either stop the medication or go on taking it when something may not be right about it. I can almost go in when one of my joints, or my spine, or my muscles, or tendons (since MUSCLES CAN BE TIGHTENED BY EXERCISE) and TENDONS HAVE TO BE SURGICALLY REPAIRED OFTEN TIMES BECAUSE THEY DO NOT GET TIGHT AGAIN, LIKE A MUSCLE MIGHT...
That is why when you have a "torn rotator cuff" in a shoulder, you "may" strengthen the muscles, but if those "tendons" that make up the rotator cuff are too lax, or torn completely away from the bone itself, surgery may be the only option to get back mobility, strength, get rid of pain or much of it, and then strengthen the muscles after the tendons are repaired. You would be shocked and I know even ...
I recently began to totally "understand" the true difference between tendons and muscles. I "asked" the question, and my foot specialist explained it to me... like a rubber band may "stretch" like a muscle... but if it is attached to a board, and you actually tear it away from that board, no amount of exercise will give you back the loss from a tear. I now also realize WHY when someone TEARS TENDONS in their foot, or leg, it takes MONTHS AND MONTHS EVEN WITH SURGERY, to get that tendon "healed". It has to "attach" back to that bone. So, like my shoulders, or my left elbow the "severe tennis elbow" I had was "torn" away from the bone. My orthopedic surgeon attached the tendons back to my bones, with screws, nuts etc... BUT it took a long time for that tendon to actually "grow itself" back to the elbow, and often times, they don't attach back themselves, that is why, so often you never can do some of what you did with that shoulder, elbow, ankle, and so forth as you could at one time.

Before I broke the hip, I had just about made up my mind to try and snow ski one more time in my life. That used to be my "birthday present" the week of my birthday for many years.... but after the replaced knees, and the shoulder replacement, I felt maybe I should not chance "wrecking" one of them again. But, I had decided I would give it a try once more... and thought about making a trip to Santa Fe NM, I've skied there as well as Wolf Creek Pass that I LOVED! 
But Santa Fe has lots of new courses, and much more to offer than they once did, and it is about 7 hours closer than Pagosa Springs, CO where you stay to ski Wolf Creek. But, once the hip was fractured, I then knew there would be no way I would try to ski... not really because of the break of the hip BUT a fear now since my bones are so severely taken away with osteoporosis, my fear would be to "break" more bones, or another hip, or injure my back worse, thus my days of skiing are over with. I have great memories... and in fact yesterday when I was going through looking for the photo's with the fish, deer etc... I started to scan a pic of me, when the "big hair" craze was in... Gosh I wished I still looked that young.... ;) Alas time has become somewhat of an enemy when it comes to skin, aging, and how our lines, wrinkles and so forth seem to develop out of nowhere.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Am Torn to Shreds mentally and emotionally..... the Loss of a Dear Dear Bestest Friend my Puggy - Tazz!!!!

I can't begin to tell you that my bestest friend in my life my Puggy, my Tazzers, my Mo Mo she has several nicknames passed away this morning...I can't even bare the thought of losing something once again, I love more than life itself.... God promised me last night she would be okay... she seemed very weak yesterday and was acting like she was not feeling well at all, or even breathing late last night as she should.... I took her to the Vet and her blood work was "off"... so I am supposed to take her today for more labs.... last night, I held her in my arms and rocked her and sang the songs I always have sang to her and her brother Bubba.... and I did not sleep all night... I kept telling her that she would be okay today.... that God would heal her.... I cannot do this anymore.....I can't stand another broken heart.... why, why WHY was she taken away from me? Her, Bubs, and me were all together here and happy.... I can't understand why something like this happens, she never hurt anyone, and from the moment I saw her at 6 weeks old... and had to wait a week to get her... she needed her other shots.... and that was in Everett WA - she was the best Christmas present I could ever hope for or dream is just too cruel.... I don't want to live without her.... I love Bub's so much too, and he is also a light in my life.... but she was and is and always will be my baby girl... I can't even stand to move her... she is on my sofa in her favorite spot, wrapped in the blanket I bought for her the night I picked her up from the lady that sold her to me... I feel like pieces of me are dying also....

I just cannot even find the words to say how upset I am... and now my Mom's not feeling well, and has stomach issues and so on, that have been going on now for weeks... at first we thought we had a stomach bug, that had been going around... but that was at least 6 or 7 weeks ago... I am not all the way better, either... but my stomach is "weird" often just due to medications and so on.....

I did not get to post my RA Blog Wego post today,...I began writing it, went to check on my dear sweet Tazzers... I knew she was not well, and I was supposed to take her back today for more blood work.... and I prayed and prayed God would help her to hold on, or help her heal before it was too late..... I am worse than heartbroken and shattered at this moment......

Saturday, April 11, 2015

#HAWMC Saturday April 11, 2015 - A Letter to my Two "Fur-Kids" Thanking Them for Their Love and Support

Oddly enough, we hear more about this everyday. Someone critically ill, and they get some type of a pet, dog, cat, or so forth, and their condition sometimes either improves, or the pet may help to "point out" a tumor. Our pets are usually very incredible animals. They are a companion until the very end. They love unconditionally. As long as they are fed, kept safe, have good clean water, and like mine are spoiled rotten. (I always use the old saying "My pups are not rotten, they just smell that way!) I know it used to be a saying for those with kids. They can be providers of comfort, they pick up on whether their owner is not feeling well, or if something is wrong, they can sense something is out of the ordinary.

My two pups, and since they have been grown for a long time, Tazzy, who is about 10 years old now, part Pug and part Pomeranian, and my Bubba-Gump, who is about 5 years old, and he is Chi-Weenie. Part Chihuahua and part "Weenie" or Dachshund as the proper name is for them. Oddly enough, Tazzy is much more Pug than Pom. She looks and has all of the actions of being much more Puggy, than Pom. As far as Bubba, he is definitely a mixture of both. That nose is on the floor, always sniffing, looking for something else, even a crumb to eat. I call him my "crumbinator". He is always getting up any and every crumb I drop, no matter whether I am eating, or cooking/baking, he loves to sit right beside me for those crumbs or a lick of whatever I am baking, just like kids do, when I am ready to wash a bowl etc.

They offer so very much comfort to me. When I am ill enough to be on the sofa, then they are there, one on each side of me, as close as they can get, as if they were like two angels watching over me. If I am upset, they both can tell. Especially if I am crying about something, they both want to come up to me, and give me "kisses" and wipe my tears away. Even though at times, they are almost worse that kids, I just don't know how I would get through most days without them right at the door, when I walk in from errands. Or keeping me company, watching movies with me, when I am not feeling well.

When Jim spent over 3 months in the hospital last year after the wreck, they sensed that I was "alone", and it was like they were guarding me. Day and night, always listening, always watching to make sure their "Mom" was safe.
When I go to take a shower, I leave the door open a bit at the top. Usually it is Tazz, but sometimes her and Bubba will sit right there by the door of the bathroom until I am completely out of the shower, dried, dressed, and ready to come out of there.  They keep watch on me, to make sure I am okay.

No one as far as humans go, I think can show as much unconditional love and care for you than a pet. Especially dogs and many cats. They just have a way to either make you laugh when you are sad. Or they can calm you down when you are upset. If I feel something is wrong or out of whack, you can bet they sense it also. Even in the middle of the night, they can be sound asleep, and out of the many noises, from the train that the tracks are nearby, neighbors cars in and out, both of them will begin to growl very low if they hear a "sound" that is not something they usually hear.

I have to admit Bubba is "bless his heart" a bit skiddish when it comes to something loud like my vacuum cleaner. He will run and get into my husbands arms. He does not like any of my items, such as the blow dryer, the vacuum, my carpet shampooer, or anything that makes much noise. Yet, as soon as I turn it off, and are going to put it in the closet, he will run at it, bark and growl, like he was some huge watch dog. It is just too funny to watch him act like the guard of the house, once it is off and on its way to the closet.

Tazzy does silly things like chase after my "swifter mop" or my duster. She will jump, growl, try to snatch it away, anytime she sees me get those out, she is ready to play.

Bubba loves a game I play with him on marshmallows. I fix sugar free Jello often, and I usually put a few in it. He can sense those marshmallows all the way in the living room, under his blanket asleep. And before I even get those out, he knows the sound of the "jello" boxes I guess. Because as soon as I begin to pour the powdered Jello into the bowl, he comes running. He jumps up and catches them when I throw him one. He loves that so much. I don't think he really loves the marshmallows. It is all about the "game" to catch them.

So, both of them, are my rock, my foundation, my friends, my "fur kids" and they keep me going even when I feel life has truly "beaten" me down. I can walk in and see their wagging tails and those smiling faces, and all is right with my world.

 Bubba Gump (when he was about 9 weeks old)
Tazzy at about 3 years old

Jim, Tazz and Bubba Gump in about 2013

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