Saturday, April 11, 2015

#HAWMC Saturday April 11, 2015 - A Letter to my Two "Fur-Kids" Thanking Them for Their Love and Support

Oddly enough, we hear more about this everyday. Someone critically ill, and they get some type of a pet, dog, cat, or so forth, and their condition sometimes either improves, or the pet may help to "point out" a tumor. Our pets are usually very incredible animals. They are a companion until the very end. They love unconditionally. As long as they are fed, kept safe, have good clean water, and like mine are spoiled rotten. (I always use the old saying "My pups are not rotten, they just smell that way!) I know it used to be a saying for those with kids. They can be providers of comfort, they pick up on whether their owner is not feeling well, or if something is wrong, they can sense something is out of the ordinary.

My two pups, and since they have been grown for a long time, Tazzy, who is about 10 years old now, part Pug and part Pomeranian, and my Bubba-Gump, who is about 5 years old, and he is Chi-Weenie. Part Chihuahua and part "Weenie" or Dachshund as the proper name is for them. Oddly enough, Tazzy is much more Pug than Pom. She looks and has all of the actions of being much more Puggy, than Pom. As far as Bubba, he is definitely a mixture of both. That nose is on the floor, always sniffing, looking for something else, even a crumb to eat. I call him my "crumbinator". He is always getting up any and every crumb I drop, no matter whether I am eating, or cooking/baking, he loves to sit right beside me for those crumbs or a lick of whatever I am baking, just like kids do, when I am ready to wash a bowl etc.

They offer so very much comfort to me. When I am ill enough to be on the sofa, then they are there, one on each side of me, as close as they can get, as if they were like two angels watching over me. If I am upset, they both can tell. Especially if I am crying about something, they both want to come up to me, and give me "kisses" and wipe my tears away. Even though at times, they are almost worse that kids, I just don't know how I would get through most days without them right at the door, when I walk in from errands. Or keeping me company, watching movies with me, when I am not feeling well.

When Jim spent over 3 months in the hospital last year after the wreck, they sensed that I was "alone", and it was like they were guarding me. Day and night, always listening, always watching to make sure their "Mom" was safe.
When I go to take a shower, I leave the door open a bit at the top. Usually it is Tazz, but sometimes her and Bubba will sit right there by the door of the bathroom until I am completely out of the shower, dried, dressed, and ready to come out of there.  They keep watch on me, to make sure I am okay.

No one as far as humans go, I think can show as much unconditional love and care for you than a pet. Especially dogs and many cats. They just have a way to either make you laugh when you are sad. Or they can calm you down when you are upset. If I feel something is wrong or out of whack, you can bet they sense it also. Even in the middle of the night, they can be sound asleep, and out of the many noises, from the train that the tracks are nearby, neighbors cars in and out, both of them will begin to growl very low if they hear a "sound" that is not something they usually hear.

I have to admit Bubba is "bless his heart" a bit skiddish when it comes to something loud like my vacuum cleaner. He will run and get into my husbands arms. He does not like any of my items, such as the blow dryer, the vacuum, my carpet shampooer, or anything that makes much noise. Yet, as soon as I turn it off, and are going to put it in the closet, he will run at it, bark and growl, like he was some huge watch dog. It is just too funny to watch him act like the guard of the house, once it is off and on its way to the closet.

Tazzy does silly things like chase after my "swifter mop" or my duster. She will jump, growl, try to snatch it away, anytime she sees me get those out, she is ready to play.

Bubba loves a game I play with him on marshmallows. I fix sugar free Jello often, and I usually put a few in it. He can sense those marshmallows all the way in the living room, under his blanket asleep. And before I even get those out, he knows the sound of the "jello" boxes I guess. Because as soon as I begin to pour the powdered Jello into the bowl, he comes running. He jumps up and catches them when I throw him one. He loves that so much. I don't think he really loves the marshmallows. It is all about the "game" to catch them.

So, both of them, are my rock, my foundation, my friends, my "fur kids" and they keep me going even when I feel life has truly "beaten" me down. I can walk in and see their wagging tails and those smiling faces, and all is right with my world.

 Bubba Gump (when he was about 9 weeks old)
Tazzy at about 3 years old

Jim, Tazz and Bubba Gump in about 2013

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