Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My First "Victory" 25 Chapters in my latest book written and a huge word count over 50% finished!!!!

I JUST officially HIT Chapter #25!!! In the latest book I am writing!!! I now have 47,383 WORDS!!!! I am so elated. Much of it of course will have to be gone through, spaced, and so on... going to take a great deal of going over, and over.. and then going over it again to have it to the "publication date"... But, having that much into "copy" for now is exciting!! Jim just looked up the "typical" word count for a book such as this, and it is between 80,000 to 90,000 WORDS. So, I am at my half way or more point in the writing process... I have to admit I HATE proofing!!! I get so tired of looking at it over and over.. so I always have Jim also proof it for me several times also. That way, hopefully between the two of us, it is "readable" and makes sense. I know with this "brain fog" that seems to be growing worse by the day, I tend to find myself "repeating" something that I may have written a few weeks back. Now, to "take up" for myself, often that is because some new light has been shed on the subject, or I've gotten more news, did further research and so forth. Thus I may post on the "same subject" several times. But, I do find myself "forgetting" much more than I used to just a year ago. It really concerns me... BUT for NOW I am going to feel very "elated" that I've made the half way point in my book that shall be titled "It's Not ME! It's the Disease! ( actually when we first came up with the title, we almost wanted to ad in "It's not ME Stupid! It's the Disease! Yet, I don't want to make people feel stupid or any thing like that... because these illnesses are extremely complex, and my entire reason for writing them, this one especially is to help make people understand these illnesses better.... also I am now Kicking the Can around on making this a "2 Part" book... In other words, publish this first one, yet move on forward and write #2 - like they both should follow one then the other.... I am still thinking on that one... and I'm not sure how I feel about this whole "Volume 1, Volume 2 etc ordeal... I am not a huge fan of it in the movies, and the only time I really loved it is in the 4 books "Twilight, New Moon, And The Twilight Saga, Part 1 and art 2" Those really and truly "fit the bill!" But, of course I will always be a writer and author and if by the Grace of God Go I, my intentions of course are to publish more in the future. But, I've thought about taking a stab at writing "thrillers" based on "medical things gone bad" etc... there are so many things out there now, that would make for incredible thrillers with the medical issues today, that I have really given that I very big possible yes... plus I am still writing on the "Texas Sayings" so it will of course be much smaller but I am also going to publish it too....

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