Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"RA" is not a "serious" of a medical issue as before? Really!?[mycred_affiliate_link]

The REALLY sad truth from this story, and from others, is that "some" people actually believe this. If we are not limping and carrying a cane, or in a wheelchair, have a walker or even go out in the public looking "half decent" with makeup on and your hair not a mess. The very first thing I hear is WOW, you must be better!" Better from When? Really? Better from when I was almost screaming in pain earlier today with my back and hips? From 2 weeks ago, when I just didn't feel well enough to "dress up with my makeup"? The other sad fact, and I know it to be true... if you are ill, in pain, especially chronic pain, and you are seeing your doctor, at times I have went in, maybe deciding not to look so horrible... so I do put a bit of color on my cheeks and a swipe or two of mascara... you can almost bet the doctor does NOT take you as seriously as they do when you walk, crawl, or come in looking like the "death has been warmed over".... not all of them, but I have seen it more times than not... so, especially if I am going in for something like chronic or new pain, bad enough I am willing to do just about anything to get rid of it.... I sure as heck don't go "looking" okay. I don't put makeup on (I don't usually feel like it anyway)... but I realized years ago, you as a whole may not be taken as being in that much pain, if you are not wincing and in tears.... also MEN are taken much more seriously, as a whole when they go into the doctors office, especially with pain, than women. We, as women have seen it, been there, done it, bought the shirt, jacket and book... Men have it much simpler. As a whole, they go in and tell their physician the issues at hand, and usually they will get the treatment they need. At times women must jump over hoops, and hope for the best. It is better than it used to be, but how many of us have been told... you are too emotional, you think about it too much, maybe it is hormones, are you stressed, maybe you just overdid lawn work, or have you been out and about shopping to much?? Those are just a few.... So, when this story came to me via email, I knew I needed to share it. I will also put this up on my blog..

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