Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Links to both of my Poetry and Prose Books on Amazon and also my Profile....

I have not really been "advertising" my two poetry and books and I should share these with you. It has been awhile since I mentioned them, and since I am probably about half way into completing my 3rd "autobiographical" look into my own trials and tribulations with autoimmune illness, chronic pain and my winding forever river of all things "Autoimmune" to me.

My 3rd book, is a view from my own self a patient of these horrid illnesses, and what I feel at times others view my as.... whether that be good, bad or indifferent, there are always different views from different people.

I tend to feel most "facebook" and online blogs etc, are where most are in total belief of what you are going through. I don't "feel" or see that as much on a daily level around my own little neck of the woods.

Several reasons, from some not "seeing" me when I am the most ill. Some because they just have not really seen me or been able to talk with me. People have busy lives and often even though you may run face to face with someone you know, does not mean there is time to really "explain" the complexities of any type of chronic illness, and most especially any type of "autoimmune illness(es), chronic pain" and how many medications, doctors, surgeries, and even the daily "grind" of every moment of your day evolves around being chronically ill..

I know MANY of us try our best to "put aside" the thought of a daily illness; yet if we really are honest with ourselves, and take a good inventory of our life day to day, we absolutely have to come to terms with "Yes, I am chronically ill", "Yes, it does in many ways rules my life", and although I may not want to come to terms with it, my life and those around me, can change from moment to moment.

I can be sitting here typing away right now, feeling sore, tired, achy and so on. Yet, in 10 minutes I might be so ill that I have to be taken to the Urgent Care Center, the ER, my own physician, or even hospitalized depending on the situation.

So, even though we try not to allow this "anxiety causing, horrific, abusive, sometimes very harmful" chronic autoimmune diseases, we still have to understand that they do in some ways rule over our lives. It would be almost impossible for them not to....

Anyway, so here are the links to my poetry books, and my "Author" about me page...

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