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Writers Challenge Sponored by WEGO Health April 19th 2015 - IF You Could Travel to.... Where might that be & How to do deal Chronic Health and Travels

WEGO Health has really "hit the nail on the head" with their "prompts" for their April 2015 Writer's Challenge. It seems each one of them brings out things I may have not really written much about. Thus now I am getting new ideas, even for my own book I am working on.

Thus, if I could or already have been "anywhere" I travel to, or I've already been there, where would that be?

I have several "1st thoughts". I LOVED Seattle! The 5 years I spent there was better than fantastic. The city, the people, the food, all of the wonderful views, and spectacular places to go see and do things, it just seemed like the "panacea" of life I was looking for. It has been 10 years since I moved back to Texas, and I still miss Seattle.

Then there is portions of California that I truly loved. Lancaster/Palmdale CA were absolutely where I felt I should be. That was in 2001 that I drove myself all of those thousands of miles, only really "knowing" a couple of people. Yet, within days of being there, I had found a couple of dear friends, a place to live, a job, and felt that was my "home". Then Jim and I lived in San Pedro for a short while. I loved it there also. The weather was perfect, and it was also a beautiful place to be. Although I really miss Lancaster and Palmdale, now I know that is just not where I belonged, and neither was San Pedro.

We spent a week in Hollywood Florida! It was like paradise! I had so hoped the job Jim went to interview for, would pan out. We had found the house of all houses, that was about 3 minutes from the beach! It was also a place I could have seen me settling into. I could see a Sunday morning, $2.00 breakfast on the beach, with a Mango Frozen Daiquiri in my hand. Yet, again as much as I loved it, and I think it was more the unbelievable house we found, I just cannot say it would have been where I wanted to be.

I've now been to Washington DC! It was awesome, and I would definitely enough another visit, and hope to again pretty soon, but it's not my "home" either. Same for Pagosa Springs CO, and the "Wolf Creek Ski Lodge".... and I do wished I could go snow skiing again. Stupid body, has to be jointed "disjointed", with all of my replacements, knees, shoulder, and so on, that part of my life I've fondly had to give up also.

Now Las Vegas 0 Loved it and definitely will go back - hopefully soon. It was like "no other" place I had ever been. I just basked in the glow of "neon" signs, lights, sounds of the slots, and all of the great entertainment, huge Casino's, hotels, it is a place everyone should go to at least once in their life.

I've been on vacation in several different states, and of course all around Texas. I truly felt my "hometown" of Ennis TX (Home of the Bluebonnet Festival, Polka Festival, and the All Concrete Motorplex Drag Race Track, would never be my "stopping off" point in life. I guess life changes and we must "go with the flow" as the saying goes. It is not that I just despise this place. I am not really a huge "city" fan, and am more of a "small town" feel type of person. Yet, when I left on that bus in October 2001 headed for Seattle, I truly felt I would never reside" in Ennis again. At the time I had been through way too much "drama", gossip, not being able to "be me" I guess you could say. If I happened to wear a top and show my belly button ring, tongue ring or a tattoo, I was the "Queen of Debauchery". Thus, after leaving here, all of that melted away. I could show a tattoo, or wear a mini skirt, without feeling like I committed several small crimes at once.

So, now to the main question, if I could go anywhere, or had been already, where would that be? Well, I've never traveled abroad anywhere. I've not been "overseas" at all. I truly believe if I was able to go somewhere it would be somewhere such as Tuscany. Of course I am not sure if what I've seen on television and in the movies are a true look at somewhere like that. But, to see an incredible countryside, with lush green all around, and ride down a small cobblestone street, with the smell of fresh bread, beautiful flowers, and people taking life a bit slower would be where I would love to be, at least for a while. The look and feel of those huge Cathedrals, and buildings that have been standing for hundreds and hundreds of years, decorated ornately, and something such as a Castle that I could go to and look down over some incredibly beautiful country side and small town would truly be an inspiration for me. I feel I could go to some place such as that, and be inspired to write, to oil paint again, to play music when I could, and I honestly feel that my "body" might even partially "heal" itself. I know just changing your "destination" does not really mean you will be totally healthy again, but I do feel I would have a "better" me in some place such as that. So, through all of the places I've lived and visited, I would consider moving back to Seattle possibly.

Yet, my "dream month" destination, or possibly longer would be some small place in Tuscany. When I go and flip through the pictures doing a search, seeing all of the incredible buildings, cathedrals, artwork, everything just like it was pulled right out of a pictureest view, all of the statues created by those who have long passed away, yet their legacy lives on and on, within the halls and streets of such a magical place... As I said, just the idea of stepping into a scene such as that, almost melts the stress away, as I sit here writing about it.

I do have a few things that I've learned about travel now that I am plagued with this ridiculous autoimmune issues, especially about riding too long and so on.
Wear comfortable clothes, whether it be on a plane, train, bus or traveling by car. Don't set yourself up, where you MUST set for hours at a time. Try to pick a way to travel, and of course by car this is the best, where you can get out every once in a while, stretch your legs, back, and be able to move around. The longer many of us have to sit in one place, it gets to where it just hurts too much. Try to travel as "lightly" as possible. Gosh, when I was younger, I would pack my "entire closet" for a weekend! Now, I've learned to pair down a great deal, pick pants, a skirt, dress, jeans or whatever, but make sure you can interchange several tops, a belt, scarves, or something to be able to have one "outfit" that can be several depending on accessories. I LOVE HEELS! And I take them even when I may not wear them.  But, do your best to wear the most comfortable shoes you can have, and some that you can also interchange with outfits. Again, so you are not carrying around two suitcases full of shoes. Try and keep taking makeup, hair products, (now most hotels have hair dryers and ironing boards), so find out what they do have so you don't have to carry extra items. Find a way that you can do your makeup nicely, but fairly quickly. I tend to carry again every piece of make up product I have, and I am too overloaded and probably don't use it anyway. If you have medications, always have them in their bottles, labeled, and if it is something you must keep refrigerated, be sure to ask for a fridge, or make sure you can get one if staying at a hotel, and also like my medication came with a freezer bag to freeze the solution in, and put my medication in there. It will last a good deal of time, then you can re-freeze it when you get to your destination. I know many guys are not for "stopping" if they are driving on a vacation and so forth. But, just put your foot down, whether a spouse, friend or whomever, and take those bathroom breaks, coffee, soft drink, eating breaks. Don't overdo as I said above being confined for way too long and not getting out if at all possible. Tag luggage well. Plus, if you do have "joint problems" and are flying. Request a wheelchair with an attendant to help you through the maze at the airport. Last year I took that suggestion when I flew to D.C! That was the best thing I could have done. I never would have made it all alone, with luggage etc and walking myself. Having that wheelchair really saved my life. Don't be embarrassed, I decided not to be. I would do it again, if I travel by plane.

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