Friday, April 10, 2015

Onward to both Hips injected and my lower vertebra also injected next week...

YUCK!!! I first of all, have a very nauseated stomach and now am getting a stupid headache. It was almost like a "de-ja-vu" for me just a bit ago. I had this overwhelming feeling that I had been in that exact "space and time" before. Well, I had. Years ago, when my migraines began, it seems I would have these stupid things either on Friday or Saturday night!!! It seemed to never fail, that when Friday came and I was looking forward to either going out to dinner or dancing with friends, next thing you know, I'm headed for the ER with a very severe migraine. Most of the time, nothing would take those away, especially when I got badly nauseated also, but going in for IV fluids, some type of strong pain killer, morphine, back then they used Demerol for that type of pain. Then in a few hours it was home to hopefully keep the stupid thing at bay so I could still have a good weekend. Anyway, when I first got out of bed, my stomach was already very upset, and then the headache began to come on quickly also. And it is FRIDAY! Of course now, I am no longer able to "work" outside my home, so the circumstances are a tiny bit different. Yet, I really NEED TO GET MY MOM'S TAXES DONE!! And the plan was for me to do a few things online, then do her taxes and get that out of my way. So, I took some Promethazine, my meds for pain, etc and am trying to make sure I get my few posts in, and hopefully finish those taxes or at least get the most of them done, so I can go to the sofa for the rest of the day. I can tell this is going to be "one of those bad headaches" and my only option is on the sofa, and to remain still as possible so it will finally go away...

Also, I FINALLY HAVE THE APPOINTMENT NEXT WEEK (Well both of them) one to have both hips injected on Tuesday here by my Orthopedic surgeon. Then I have to go to Dallas next Thursday (have to be there at 7AM) not looking forward to that drive in Dallas at that time of the morning. My pain doctor finally is going to inject both sides of the last vertebra down by my tailbone. He thinks at least a portion of the horrid pain I've been having is coming from there. I have a bulge of a disc there, plus probably a great deal of inflammation which waxes and wanes so some days it hurts much worse than others. But, I feel my hips are still a part of the problem. I had them both injected about this time 2 years ago. That seemed to help, SO I am hoping I can continue to do without hip surgery. Anyway, between the both of them, I am keeping the faith for relief. Plus if those work then we know for sure, where the real problems are coming from.

BUT< what truly SUCKS! Of course Jim can't drive at all, and my Mom could never drive in Dallas at all... she barely gets back and forth from the market, bank and home here in this small town, much less Dallas traffic. Well, they will have to give me a bit of something to put me out or to the place as I used to call it (" don't give a damned medicine in my IV)... I know this routine like the back of my hand. Plus I know they "think" my husband will be there with me, to possibly drive me home. Well, he could "help" some if I needed help... BUT usually with that light of meds to put you asleep for a 10 minute procedure, you are wide awake, drinking juice or something before you go anyway. So, that is a drawback of having Jim not be able to drive, plus Mom can't and no one I know here close enough that could drive me back and forth to Dallas on a weekday... So, we are going to have to be a bit "creative" in making sure they don't see me being the one driving myself home. I know I won't have a problem at all. As I said, you really don't go out for long, and that med wears off quickly especially since I've had to go through this several times.... so that is my "hectic" schedule for next week, along with possible RAIN and Thunderstorms for the next 10 DAYS!!!


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