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Creatures of Habit - WEGO #HAWMC for Saturday April 4th 2015

       Today's Post for WEGO Health Writers Month Challenge!


What a great post this will be for many! I've mentioned this particular subject pretty often.

We become "engrained" in a certain routine, or something we tend to do daily, or quite often, without even giving it much of a thought.

So, here is my "Creature of Habit" posting...

My daily "routine" is probably fairly boring to most, but for me, it is usually what deems how the "rest of my day" will be. Will I feel behind the entire day, like I am not getting all accomplished as I had planned? Probably! Will I look up and find I have actually done much more at an earlier time than I thought, so I may have a bit of "free time" to write more, and so forth?

My day begins with turning the coffee pot on, even though I quit drinking coffee, I do it because my husband drinks coffee. Talk about a "habit change"? He used to be a morning couple of cups coffee drinker. Now, like my Mom, he has developed a habit of drinking coffee ALL day and even into the evening hours. Weird and strange, but true. From there it is check the dogs water, and check their food bowls, fill them as needed, and put them in their proper places. Since they are both inside dogs, then I have to do a "paper check" clean that up and mop if need be, and put fresh paper down. Okay, then it is off to open all the blinds because I want as much light as possible in our home. So in just about every room, I have blinds I open first thing also so we can have a bit of "light on the subject". I usually join my husband on the front porch to check out the "brand new day" and see how the weather is. Of course TX weather can change within a breath's space, so it could look like it might rain like heck, and in a half hour, be sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

By this time, I am about to "die" for something to drink. Since I don't drink coffee anymore, it is usually iced green tea, with lemon and Splenda, or I've began this Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, Sprite Zero thing now. I switch back and forth during the day from a "diet" drink to green tea. But, I am ALWAYS with a glass of something to drink in my hand, or a bottle in the car. Due to the Sjogren's, I HAVE to have something to keep my "whistle wet" as the old saying goes.

Then it is onto make the bed. I cannot stand to NOT have the bed made! that is one of those things that would drive me nuts, not to have the bed made up. I get the pups in their places of "habit" on the sofa. Then head to the computer, to check out the weather, see what is happening on Facebook, check out Twitter, and my blog, then I go and begin to weed through the huge load of crud in my email box. Thank goodness we have a "spam" program that for the most part puts the spam mess in a different box, but some of it still slips through, so through that I go, to see if I need to answer emails and so on.

I check the calendar and my "list". I never go a day without a "list" or "lists". Sometimes I may have several lists for different things. I could rarely remember my name if it were not on some kind of list.

Now, onto a "creature of habit" about some things that just drive me nuts. Of course the bed being made is one of them. But, I HATE the phone to ring before 9AM and after 6PM! Unless I am expecting a call before or after those times, it just almost makes me upset. I am one that does NOT like the phone to ring anyway. But. when it rings way too much during the course of a day, or rings too early or late in the evening after we have settled in to watch a movie etc. I get totally disarrayed over the phone ringing. One of my "habits".

I HATE any dish that is sitting not washed. I can't stand to have any unwashed dishes, silver ware, bowls. whatever. Before I go anywhere, or leave home etc. every dish better be washed and at least in the drain rack. Closing the toilet seat is another. One of those things I always do, and just get upset if I find it left up. (This my husband knows all too well!) LOL!!!

I take a handful of certain medications as soon as my feet hit the floor out of bed, and then I take my others about 10 AM every morning, habit that it is, then in most cases, I then eat a bowl of cereal for my morning breakfast, or more out of the habit due to not wanting my medications to upset my stomach. And for the post part it is usually cereal. Sometimes I've bought cinnamon rolls, or made muffins etc. But I am a cereal person, and I rarely ate cereal as I kid. So, that is quite funny and odd now.

Just about every day, I take a "break" about 4PM, and sit down with my pups, one on each side, to watch part of a movie, before time to cook dinner around 5:30PM or so. It is a habit, that I've kept for the most part, unless something takes me away from the house, or I am sick, but most of the time, at 4PM I am with those two pups and on our sofa for about an hour or so.

I always 'Pay" my bills on the 3rd of each month. That is almost "religiously". Unless something is strange as far as how that day falls in the month or so forth, I pay bills every month on the 3rd.

I ALWAYS have a list, my coupons, and my reusable bags when I shop. Never do I go without the very least my reusable bags. The list and coupons are there about 99 percent of the time also.

Every night without question, after we eat dinner, which by the way, is on two of our very nice wooden TV trays in our living room, and we "I" watch the "Nightly News". If the news happens to not be one due to a ball game etc, it just messes up my entire evening. I want to see the news, at that time. It is always on Channel 5 here, and up until "Bryan Williams" had his stuff happen, I always preferred to watch him, another habit.

I NEVER DRY most of my "good clothes" in the dryer. I always hang them on hangers, and let them air dry in the house. Jeans and all. I don't want anything pulled out of shape, or fading, or wrapped around anything, so I never dry my clothes other than on hangers.

I absolutely, unless I am too ill, do some type of writing daily. Whether it is on my blog, Facebook, on my book I am writing now, or even sometimes in an email to a friend, I write daily. I also always as a habit try to do at the very least ONE thing for advocacy. I try and it is definitely a habit, that I do at least one item, and usually it is several a day for advocacy.

I for the most part have a habit of being off the computer by mid afternoon. Unless something is very important, that is when I stop my "computer stuff", do my house hold cleaning, run errands and so on. But by about 2 to 3 PM, I am off the computer.

IF I bake something, which also a habit, I do without fail at the least 3 times a week. I always bake in the morning early. I get that done, and as whatever it is bakes, a cake, pie, cookies, brownies, crumb cakes, or whatever, I bake very early in the morning.

I am in the habit of if there is a shower curtain it must be pulled all the way out to dry. Now with my "glassed in shower" I ALWAYS spray it with shower spray, and open both doors all the way so they will dry out, without fail.

I cannot stand anything on my area rugs. We have wood floors, so we have large area rugs. If there is the least bit of anything on them, I vacuum without fail. I hate seeing those carpets with any thing on them such as lint, crumbs, dog hair, etc.

I am a habitual believer in washing my car by hand. Unless the weather is too cold, or I am ill, I wash the car by hand. I've done that for many years and feel it is much better for the finish if it is hand washed.

I HATE a wet dish towel. I always have two or three out, and I switch them around, so the one that is with the dish drainer is dry. It just irks me to pick one up and it be too wet.

I am in the "habit" of taking care of ALL of our medications. I feel if "I" don't call in refills, or do them through the computer etc. they will not get done correctly. So, I always take care of medication refills, I always do any banking to be done, I always pay the bills, and those are things that I've done as a "habit" all of my grown adult life.

I am in the habit of sending "snail mail" greeting cards to family. I send some online to online friends. But, when it comes to close family, I believe in taking the time to go, pick out the card special for that person, and writing in it to let them know I am thinking of them, and send those snail mail.

I also made it a habit that every year without fail I write a "Christmas letter". It goes out with our snail mail cards, and each year for as long as I can remember I've sent a letter telling others about the past year and what ever I happened during that time.

My "habits" are many when it comes to the routine things in life. It seems since I had a very difficult time when I was a young adult, I have been the "take charge" person in any relationship. I DO it, because whether it is paying a bill, making a doctor visit, buy groceries, and that includes my Mom's things also, I am the one that is in the habit of, I do it. As I said, even with Mom's bills, and anything with paperwork, or making appointments to see the doctor, whatever she has that needs to be done, I am usually the one who takes care of it. I had mentioned above about have issues when I was a young adult. Back then I had two very abusive relationships. One not so much, physical, but more emotional and mental. The 2nd one turned out to be an abusive drama for many years in all ways. From mental, emotional, physical, to not paying bills, or helping to support myself and the 2 kids (I worked full time so usually my own paycheck paid the bills), because the person I was with back then could not keep a job, or spent his paycheck before he even came home with it and so forth. So, at a very early age I decided I would be the one that took charge of most everything that is involved in daily life, from paying bills, to even planning a vacation, I did it myself.

So, creature of habit, yes. There are many other things. I always read on my "new diagnosis" or a "new medication" when that happens. One "habit" that began when my now husband and I first got together over 10 years ago, we without fail, always buy a "Sleigh Bell" Christmas Ornament every year. In fact, we have bought them from the exact same place, and I believe we have at least 11, if not 12 including this past Christmas. No matter what else is going on during the holidays, it is definitely a "traditional habit" that I make sure we get the Christmas Sleigh Bell Ornament by Wallace in fact every year and it comes from a small store in all places Kent, Washington. The first one we bought, we drove down to the actual store and picked it out. After that we moved, so I've had to order them, but it is another one of those wonderful habits, that is a memory maker for the years to come.

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