Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#HAWMC Wordless Wednesday!!! April 1, 2015

Okay for "Wordless Wednesday" the "Official" start to WEGO Health's April Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge


Here you go, this represents "Rhia" and the things that I LOVE to do!!! Or may I say "did" LOVE to do! I have always been a "music freak"!!! And always wanted to play the drums, the guitar, and the keyboard. I took piano lessons for many years when I was a teenager. Thank goodness I can still "read music" fairly well.

BEFORE all of the Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren's... and before all of the joint replacements... my Husband, bless his soul, bought the drums for me in the background!!! They were a birthday present and I just had an incredible time driving the neighbors crazy!!!

We both play and write our own songs. He plays the guitar quite well (or did) also. I bought the blue "Fender" you see me holding and had just begin to learn a bit from him, when my own illnesses hit.

Then, a year ago March 26th, in 2014, while I was in Washington DC in fact at a Summit, he had been in a very serious traffic accident. Ran over by an 18 wheel tractor trailer from behind.... thus his days of guitar playing were also "iffy"....

Well, both of us have been able to play a bit here and there. We just can't go on for hours and hours like we used to... and we both miss it so much...

So, this picture does speak a thousand words for sure... about before, now and what we hope the future may hold... Rhia

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