Friday, April 24, 2015

"Fitness Friday" - WEGO Health Writer's Challenge for April 24th, 2015

Oddly enough here I sit writing when I actually am supposed to be out walking with my spouse! Due to all of his health issues, pain and so forth from the severe accident a year ago last month, it has taken him a very long time, well a year, to get to the place he feels he CAN somewhat take a walk. And the thing is before his accident I walked daily, 7 days a week, at least a mile. I walked my drive way back and forth every morning, rain, shine, just not in the cold... joints and bones HATE the cold weather.

Now, I had for various reasons almost stopped my "daily routine" of exercise, walking, and riding an elliptical when the weather does not allow me outside... Between all of my own heath issues, the long drawn out process (a year also, really more) to FINALLY have MY DENTURES and THE LOWER ONES ARE REALLY ANCHORED down NOW!!! What a miracle.  I thought that day may never come. In fact, I was just in my dentists office today. I had some issues with some of the material he had used when making the little places in the denture fit over the little mini implanted posts. So, I went in and he fixed that for me...

He did say all looks very well. That he could see I was taking care of the posts inside my jawbone, along with the dentures. So, he was so pleased with that. Gosh, I should be ELATED! After over $12,000.00 worth of work, plus blood, sweat and some tears They should be make out of gold, platinum and "precious stones"... LOL! I guess that would weigh me down so much, I would not be able to open my mouth, OR worse I would NEVER be able to shut it!!! As if I don't talk enough to drive a preacher to drink, Lord knows I don't need anything to make me keep my mouth open anymore than it already is.

So, my own exercise routine kind of went astray for a bit. I say that but in a way, I have been almost getting MORE exercise daily between shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and as that list continues on and on.... Days like when I vacuum then "shampoo" my carpets. They are not wall to wall, we have hardwood floors, but our huge area rugs in three of our rooms take a great deal of elbow grease to clean them. Well, I like to go over them twice, if possible. But, the last two times I confess I only made it once on them.

Anyway, I consider things like laundry, making the bed, chasing after our dogs, and cleaning up after them every day, all of my pulling weeds, tending to about 80 houseplants, that now need even more care because they are outside for the Spring and Summer. Still that means everyday watering... thus that is a workout in itself.

I will say since my husband began his regime of daily walking. He goes out about 4 to 5 times daily, and makes several laps around the driveway. I usually go out and do the same with him. Plus, I am beginning my own walking habit daily again since this weather is beginning to be warmer, yet not too warm.

I do some stretching exercises, and wished there were many more things I could do, like I used to be able to. As with many types of chronic illnesses, especially autoimmune illnesses that tend to strike you in the joints pretty often, there are many things I could do, yet no longer are feasible. I was never very "Athletic". But, about the time I turned 21, I wanted to be in better health, look better, and be able to wear "cute" clothes back then. I had a tiny bit of an issue with my weight as a teenager. I was never "obese", but I had about 20 pounds on me, right after my son was born. I was determined to shed ALL of the weight (which was about 20 pounds) that I had gained in the pregnancy. Then I also wanted to drop another 10 pounds or a bit more, in order to just look good. Not too thin, but to get to where I felt "good" about my own self, when I looked in the mirror. And that became a way of life for me. I walked at least 5 miles a day, took aerobics classes a couple times a week. Back then I did all of the lawn work, mowing, and everything in between. That was in addition to a full time job, two kids, and I at that time was going to college at night to hope to have at least an Associates Degree. Anyway, up until 2007 when my joints that were already giving me problems began to get so worn and I was in so much pain, I finally had to have both knees replaces, along with shoulder,
and other joint issues, that kept me from snow skiing, now I am really not supposed to mow, but I sure have been thinking about trying lately. Also at the time I was walking so much, and watched every bite of food that went into body. They used to tell the waiter or waitress in restaurant, to bring me a "head of lettuce" and a bottle of fat free Ranch Dressing and all would be fine!

So, my main exercise program now is to do my walking daily. Then I also take my chores and errands, and when possible I spread them out, so that every day I have something I could be doing that requires a bit more work. Whether that be the laundry, or vacuuming, shampooing carpets. I have LOTS of weed pulling outside to do now. Along with caring for all of my other plants and flowers  I also try to make my way around the market, or a big store like "Wally world" almost a "workout". By making sure I hit many isles, and try to make the most out of all of those steps too.

One of the "largest" work outs I get, unfortunately, I don't get to go that much is walking around the biggest Casino's in the world - the Winstar, in Oklahoma. Talk about getting your miles in. If I lived closer, I would just go there several times a week, just to walk and get so much exercise. I wouldn't even gamble, it would be just the walking all over that probably estimating 5 miles from one end all the way to the other.

I wished I could say I had this fabulous gym that I went to, and done Pilates each week and so forth. But, I must stick with my "fast paced walking" along with all of my daily chores and errands as my "exercise" to stay fit.

As it stands, between my same old walking, and housework, yard work errands, this is my "method of madness" when it comes to exercise

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