Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#HAWMC - WEGO Writers Challenge April 15th 2015 - Get Excited!

I find myself seeming to come back to some of the same things I've blogged about over the past couple of weeks.

I know for awhile and I still somewhat still do is get excited about getting to try a different medication for the Lupus/RA. I say that because if I am "trying out" a new one, that means whatever has been going on is just not working. Thus the change in medications. It is kind of exciting and scary at the same time.

Actually when I read articles about the latest in biosimilars, or new research happening, possibly a clinical trial showing promise, all of those make me thrilled that there is a possibility of a complete remission, maybe a cure, or a way to "prevent" many of the autoimmune illnesses. I feel like once we find "why" the inflammatory processes, the body attacking itself, and if we are getting these diseases and illnesses due to a heredity factor, or our own environmental issues, then that will lead to find how to put many other diseases or complete remission. How exciting is it to think if this is something a child in the uterus is already predisposed to, and someday we can "fix" that before they are ever born, would be something extremely spectacular.

On a more personal level of excitement, I always come to the "casino" part of my life. I love the idea of making the reservations, deciding what to wear, and everything that I do to get ready to go (especially overnight), is such a wonderful feeling. Once I am completed prepared, that morning we are leaving, usually pretty early, that first few miles across town, getting on the I-45 interstate gives me a kind of "anxious excitement" in ways. I am already looking so forward to that "McDonald's" where we always grab a quick breakfast. I know when we reach that point, being at our destination is just a few miles away.

I've always found that when you are planning something, whether it be a trip, for a day or more, or you are going to some type of special event, thus the anticipation of that is a thrill to me. Being able to have an article in our local paper about my advocacy, activism and Ambassador status also just gives me a very nice and thrilling moment. I know as soon as I open our local paper, and my article on one of the first few pages, usually the 2nd page, I feel pride, I feel I am giving out to the public, information that is vital to them.

Even planning a day shopping trip out of town with my Mom is always fun. I get excited when I find terrific bargains, and can "clean up" on certain items, whether it be clothing or something for the house, I am thrilled when I see just how MUCH I've SAVED!

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