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Funny Times, Laughing years later, and Wonderful Memories that even 30 years ago are still so Humorous ....

Well today of course is "April Fools Day"!!!! I am sure you, I and many others will have a "joke" played on them before day end.

Actually, ironically for me, mine already happened, kind of..

I wanted to join in on WEGO's Blog post month or as it is called
 "Health Activist Writers Challenge Month"

I had the "list" so I went ahead and wrote my 1st post several days back. Well, I noticed a mixup in "dates" on the information, so I found out actually they start today, but it is with a "Wordless Wednesday", and I had written about a couple of "still funny" things that happened many years back! I thought by the .PDF we needed to write about something funny that had happened to us.

So.. since I've already written it, I'll post it with the Twitter sharing tag for my readers and maybe those at WEGO will get a kick out of it also.

So, here goes, my 1st Blog post for April Fools Day! #HAWMC

April 1, 2015 WEGO Post #1 For April Fools Day - Something, or Someone, or a Time that Always makes you Laugh

Years back, I was about 30 years old or so, we used to go on an annual snow skiing trip to either Santa Fe New Mexico or on up to Pagosa Springs, CO at the Wolf Creek Ski Resort. It was our trip to celebrate my birthday on the 15th of February each year. I always spent months, in fact the entire year planning it, saving for it, and it was always a time I cherish in my life.

One year a couple that lived next door to us, Rex and Jeanie, were going with us that particular time. We had been friends for a long time, and always enjoyed going together. This particular year, we had decided to ski in Santa Fe, NM. I had only been a couple of times then, and it was a bit closer than going on up to Pagosa Springs in CO, so we decided to stay there and ski.

There was a particular restaurant we ate at, and also a particular hotel we always stayed at every year. Staying there and eating at this special Mexican Food Restaurant were “traditions” each trip. This one year we decided to stay at a different hotel, and since we spent most of the time on the ski slopes, we thought we would just share a room and save that money for more skiing. Well, we had left Ennis Texas extremely early as usual. I never slept a wink that night before we left, so we were usually out the door and on the road by between 3 or 4 AM. It was about 11 hours or so to Santa Fe, depending on which route we took. Most of the time we would travel on Interstate 40, so we would go through Ft. Worth and hit I-40 up that direction. I sometimes helped with the driving, but this time the guys changed out, and they did the driving. There was just a magic each year about that trip. We rented a video recorder (this was back when they were huge and weighed a ton), so we had most of the trip on “record” to remember the rest of the year.

When had arrived in Santa Fe, just about noon, as our plan usually was, always about time for us to eat, so we went to the Mexican Food Place and had the feast of a lifetime. Between a couple of margaritas’ or a “cerveza” we about laughed our way right out the door. All of us were a bunch of comedian’s on the slopes and off during these incredible journeys. Each year seemed to be more special than the last. So, we decided to go back to the room, get unpacked the rest of the way, and possibly go to the downtown area to see all of the wonderful artwork, bead work, and just awesome pottery that the people there in Santa FE always had out on the “square” around all of the beautiful buildings.

Jeanie and I were unpacking and talking. All of a sudden we didn’t hear the guys making jokes and cutting up, so we turned around and both of them were totally “sacked out” asleep, one on each bed. It was already funny enough, because both of them began snoring in “tune” together. The more they snored right in tune with each other, the more the both of us got tickled. Well, my “then husband” sat up in the bed very casually and said,  “What and the heck are you two laughing about? What is so darned funny?” I about busted out laughing again and said you and Rex were “snoring in unison”. He looked at me very seriously and said,“NO, we aren’t. We are in Santa Fe, not “unison”! I cannot tell you how funny that was! WE made fun of him the entire trip, constantly asking him if he had found “unison” yet and repeating what he said. It was just hysterical.

So, that whole ordeal became a joke between all of us for years. Every once in a while we would ask my ex, “Hey have you seen unison” lately! He would just turn red in the face, and get almost mad at us for making such fun of him.

On the very same trip, the 2nd night there, we decided to try a new place to eat. I had never really eaten much “Chinese Food” or any type of Asian cuisine. So, we decided to try a Chinese dinner for a change. We went in and the place was not busy at all. But, this was in the middle of the week, so we figured they just weren’t all that busy because of that. It was fairly dimly lit. But, it was adorned with all of the Asian decor. I was quite impressed with the “ambiance”.

Anyway, an Asian gentleman came to take our drink orders, gave us menu’s and of course I had no idea about that type of food. I had only eaten this type of food possibly once or twice, and everything on the menu sounded good. It always did that first night after being on the mountain top all day long. Usually all of us were starving from all of the activity of the day. Anyway, we each picked an entree’ and the guys asked about “fried rice” and if it came with the meal. Well, I am sure quite sure if the woman taking our order at the time really understood the question or not. She made the comment about each would get a side of “fried rice” of our choosing, chicken, shrimp, vegetable etc. So, above our regular orders we asked for “one extra bowl” of fried rice on the side. I think most of us had chosen something with noodles in it, or figured the way she talked the “side” with the meal we ordered would not be all the big.

So, she took our orders, and it wasn’t long until TWO of them, her and the gentleman who had seated us came out with the HUGE serving tray of “many” plates and bowls of food. At first we thought they had mixed our order up with another group that was there. But, no it was “our” order. So, they begin loading our table up with the plates with the entree’s on them. Then here comes all of these “extra bowls” of fried rice!!! They not only brought the “side” order of rice with our entree, but they also brought EACH of an a huge EXTRA bowl of fried rice on the side. In fact our table was almost not big enough to hold all of the plates, bowls, and everything they had put in front of us. We sat there almost dumb founded, but thought well, that is what they thought we ordered so that is what they brought us.

We began eating, laughing, talking, and spent at least an hour just tasting the different dishes all of which were delicious. Yet, even with all of us hungry, and the guys could eat everything in sight usually, we still had bowls of rice left over. So, it was about time to settle up the bill and leave. The woman came out, refilled our tea glasses, and then looked up at us and said just as politely and calmly as could be “You want more fried “lice”?” Oh good gosh, all four of us burst into tears laughing. Here is bowls of rice there was no way we could eat, and I even thought about taking some of it back to the hotel, but I knew there was no way we would probably eat it that evening, so we decided not to take a “doggy bag” with us. But, between us having ALL of those extra bowls of rice, and her “Asian” accent; then asking us if we wanted “more” fried rice was almost too much. We just about wet all over ourselves going out, and for the rest of the trip we kept asking one another “Do you want more fried “lice”?” Again, between the “snoring” in unison, and now the “fried lice”, we had the trip to remember for a lifetime. In fact, it has been something like 20 plus years since that trip, and still to this day, my now husband and I get a kick out of making a silly comment about, No, we aren’t in unison, we’re in Ennis!”. Of course, we had to wonder if that entire kitchen in that Chinese restaurant were also hysterically laughing at us for ordering all of that “extra fried rice”? They had to have just been as tickled at us as we were. It was very obvious that we had not ordered Chinese food very often.

There were many “moments” during those ski trips each February that I will truly cherish for a lifetime, and can’t help but grin when I think about them. Now, I am not able to go snow skiing. Due to the replaced knees and shoulder, the Lupus, RA, Sjogren’s and chronic pain issues, my snow skiing days are well past me now. But, the memories, the laughter, and some of the things that happened back then will last a life time.   Rhia Steele 4/1/2015

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