Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thoughts on the Arthritis Foundation Visit and the Summit on Capitol Hill, and others that were and are there this week!!!

....  Plus we will be able to get some of those extremely important issues covered like the "biosimilars" (which also is going to be on a state level of legislature also). the business about affordable medications, more from the DOD about our armed service people coming home and facing some of these often crippling illnesses, plus get the Pediatric Rheumatologists more plentiful for the children with Juvenile Arthritis, JRA etc. There are MANY "Eggs" in the basket once again this year, so I am happy to know that I will be an important part to helping to possibly gain more access for patients on medications, get more research and development off the ground, and as the AF says, get to the point that everyone on the "Hill" and not there to understand that "Arthritis is Unacceptable".... I appreciate ALL of those who were able to go to DC. I still am so bummed that I missed it. But, I guess I now know "why" or part of why I was not able to go. My health a huge part of it, plus there were several things I needed to be here at home about already this week, and I still have more. I had the CT Scan yesterday, so as I said in a previous post, I hope they "find" what the problem is. If that can be done, THEN as stupid as it sounds, I think I will somewhat be relieved. I, along with many feel when we go into our doctors complaining of certain symptoms, especially pain in some ways, that if there is not some "thing" they can point it to exactly, that we are not believed as much as if we go in, they do labs, scans and whatever, find something "tangible" to say "this" is what is causing that severe pain... then we feel it is far better received all too often by our physicians, family, friends and so forth. We ALL are all too aware of "silent illnesses" that don't just "show" and even in testing at times those tests are just as good as the people doing them, reading them etc. So, I know for me I just think if they can "pin point" something in my lumbar spine, like I suspect some "compression fractures" due to the osteoporosis, then my doctor will be more apt to "see" that YES I am in more pain and my pump should be upped. But, of if that stupid scan does not give a "bird's eye" picture of something obvious, then will he still take me "seriously"??? He should, he has been my pain specialist now since about 2008 or so. He is the one that got me on the right medication, and then put the pump in when we reached that place in late 2010. Wow, it is hard to believe it is coming up on 5 years since the pump was placed on my right side! Time flies by much too quickly. But, I also still suspect part pf my issue is with my hips. I've had them injected with corticosteroid on several occasions. In fact the last time, both hips were so bad, I asked my orthopedic surgeon to inject both at the same time! He did, and I got better for a long time. So, if the back shows something then I will be "relieved"... and yet if something still seems "off" then I will see about my orthopedic doctor maybe doing a CT scan of them, or sometimes just X-rays are good enough in hips to show the degeneration. Like my hands, thumbs, wrists and feet, and toes. All of that show up in a regular X-ray.

So, I also of course below talked about the issues with my Mom's sister, and it is at the point, that I just hope she hangs on until tomorrow. I am taking Mom their tomorrow, and then we will go to my doctors appt after that.
I just have not gotten a good enough information, that I really know. I am under the impression that when they call in "hospice" that usually means things are heading downhill fast. So I certainly don't want my Mom to put this off ... I think she just has a difficult time seeing my Aunt in the shape she is in, so she kind of puts off visiting,  because of how hard it is on her. But, time is of the essence now for sure. So, no more putting it off, even if I have to drag her kicking and screaming LOL... tomorrow to see my Aunt and Uncle.... Please any and everyone share your visits to the "Hill" with myself and others... I would love to hear from you!!!!

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