Saturday, April 18, 2015

What are 3 Things I am so looking forward to doing this Summer! WEGO Writers Challenge - #HAWMC April 18th, 2015

First and foremost, wearing shorts, sandals and cute Short Sleeved Shirts and Blouses! That may sound silly, but after this cold weather, with always jeans, long sleeved shirts, boots, socks, coats, and so on, I am so ready to NOT to have to put all of those on for a while. Plus I have a few new Summer tops I have bought, so I am ready to take those for a "spin"!

The 2nd activity that really seems to help me physically, mentally and emotionally is being able to get out and walk every day. That becomes my main priority and a great warm weather habit for me. So, I've already been out and about doing some of that, but with the hips and back hurting so badly, I've not been able to do as much as I want. Hopefully after the Transforminal Epidural Steroid Injection into my L-5 space vertebra, and then both hips getting injected next week, that will put me back into the physical goodness I need in order to really get out there and pound the pavement, or usually laps around a local park or my own driveway also!

I love having lots of flowers, plants, trees, and I bring almost ALL of my "indoor plants" outside for the Summer. I can usually take them out as soon as we know there will be no more surprise freezes. Then they can bask in the Summer warmth and sunshine, up until sometimes September. It depends on when our cooler weather hits, but they LOVE being outside on my front porch. Now I am talking about 70 plants or MORE that I have in my house in the winter, then they all but a few go outside in the spring and summer!!! I always giggle when I see the little tags that "NASA" puts on houseplants now when you buy them. It tells you how many "plants" per square feet in your home is best for the air. Believe me, my house is tiny, so I have way MORE than enough to "clear" the air in my home. I get bummed because there are many things that I used to love to do outside, that due to the Lupus, RA, joint replacements, Sjogren's and other health problems, my ability to do a great deal of pushing a lawn mower, doing the weed eating, bending too much, even raking, hoeing, and so much I loved to do, now is no longer feasible or advisable by my physicians. But, I can certainly do other things that are not as strenueos to the body as others.

A third thing, that I LOVE to do is put my Hummingbird Feeders out, and we both love to "bird watch" all Summer long! We have SO MANY different types of birds, and we have watched them and know so many of their "habits", why they do things a certain way, and really have an awesome time all spring, summer and into fall watching the birds. Of course the Bluejay? is the Texas "bird". But, we have loads of red birds, wrens of different kinds, finches, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, doves, black birds, and Purple Martins. There are more, but of course I can't name all. We have one pair of very "yellow" birds. They come in every year at the same time. They stay together, and usually only nest in a very thick "cedar" tree across the street. In fact, it is so "sticky" with sap, plus it has such pointed and scratchy leaves, that nothing wants to go into it, but them. I think they use that particular tree because cats, not even other birds will mess them there. We think they are a type of finch, but we find it odd that there seems to be only one pair, that come back each year. So, bird watching, we now look for the nests, and have found several nests that we've watched the little ones hatch, and how the "parents" train them and get them out of the nest within weeks. It is amazing.

I like to be able to "open up" my house and have the fresh smell of green grass just mowed, hear the birds, and just enjoy all of nature that I can soak up this time of year. I am still very much a "people" watcher, so I enjoy just watching people and see what they maybe buying or wearing this time of year. It is very interesting to see the things that others buy, and then "guess" as to watch they maybe doing or where they maybe going. When you see all of the ice chests, chips, charcoal, buns, cokes, beer and so forth, usually a picnic, a visit to one of our lakes in Texas, or on a vacation with their family.

This is also the time of the year, that I want to "rid and shed" my old self, and not just be able to put on summer clothes, but to take an "inventory" over my own home. I like to do away with things that I realize I have not used in a long time, or know for a fact just need to be done away with. As I have gotten a bit older, and as time has gone by with the chronic illnesses, pain, age part that I feel I am no longer able to take care of, like lots of knick-nacks around the house, some old clothes that we feel we just don't want to let go of, but to do an "inventory" of my home, and my life. Then I feel it is time to "spring/summer clean" out my closets, rest of the house; along with some of the "cobwebs in my mind", and from my body! Even though we always have that time of "closure" and "renewal" at the first of every New Year, to me spring and summer are also a time for renewal, to take out what we feel is "weighing" us down, and lighten up the load in our homes, minds and bodies.

I know that as I mentioned above, there are many things I used to love to do inside my home and outside, that I can no longer do, because of my chronic illnesses, joint issues, and so forth. But, I DO have MANY things I CAN still do, to take stock and move forward!

So, there are MANY things I love to do this time of year! I have to "pick and choose" now due to illnesses, and chronic pain. But, I still try my very best not to miss out on what I love the most, as I've written about above!

Happy Summer to ALL!!!

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