Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wishing You and Yours A Happy, Safe, and Remembering Thought As We Celebrate Our Freedom

First of All, with the "meanness, evil, and lack of caring for all of mankind that seems to be going on in every nation of the world, I can again HOPE for PEACE!

I have never understood and never shall understand anyone taking lives, as well as their own lives in the name of some religious figure. The "Lord" I know would not want me blowing myself, nor anyone up in His Name. He would not want me being mean, or doing evil things to others, or causing harm.

We are taught to "be kind to others". We are taught to be PROUD of our Nation, and of course during times of injustice, we must "fight" to keep our Nation Free and Proud. Yet, we don't strap bombs on us, and blow up planes, or buildings, or cars, or try to enihlate that human race. 

I cannot fathom that type of brainwashing, of children as soon as they are able to remotely even think, no way, no how have I been taught, nor understand that concept of reasoning.

So, as we Celebrate Our Great Nations' Birthday, and Allow Freedom to Continue to be Free, I bid you Hope, Peace, Being Safe whether traveling, and having a great time with friends and family.

I cherish the fact that I can get in my car, and drive through my town, and not feel "threatened" that someone could try and harm me. I am grateful I've been able to raise my kids where they are free to do what they choose to make this nation even stronger, and someday, their children grow to adults to see our Nation Thrive, and win the war against Evil, Wrongdoing, and those who want to Harm us.

So, reflect this weekend on those points... I know this is a huge celebration weekend each year in our country... kind of our "right of passage" to begin Summer, and enjoy all that we have and our Freedoms! 

May you have a Peace filled and Safe Holiday Weekend with friends and family!

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