Wednesday, July 27, 2016

National Pain Week in Australia - Seeing that others in other Nations' suffer the same issues as us....

We often lose sight of the fact that our Nation is NOT the only Nation who has Chronic Pain Suffers and they often go through the same "hoops" we do when it comes to pain control, doctors, and people that ask "But, YOU "Look" so good?" I thought I would post this article about Aussie and their National Pain Week....

This got me to thinking about just how many people in so many "Third World Countries" must have millions, or perhaps more than that, who suffer from Daily Chronic Pain, and in so many different types of conditions... primitive in nature... where they don't have physicians offices to go to, or even a doctor anywhere near that could comprehend the scope of Chronic Pain, from all types of ailments, injuries, and more.... We are trying to hard to get alliance with our own CDC and Congress to make them "get it" when it comes to our daily chronic pain... and yes we hear it all the time" But, you look good"?"

 I have to say as of late, I don't "hear" that statement as much anymore... I may hear WOW you are so tiny, or any number of things about my "small" I've gotten, but as of late, between all I went through with my own illnesses and stuff, to taking care of Mom and now dealing with all of those things, I "DON'T" always go out "looking so good"....

 I don't have the time to put on makeup, or if I am going to paint or work in the houses, or take care of the yards etc... I maybe in my huge overall shorts with holes in them, no makeup, and my hair just "laying around" with that bedhead look (lucky for me that is still the style) LOL.... but the older I get, and the "slower I am" at everything, often times, I don't have that extra hour to "dress nicely", do my hair and put on makeup... besides that fact that I am just going to sweat it all off, or I certainly don't want my "good clothes" covered in multi-colors of paint - I have to forego that and just go out, and do what I need to.... So, I cannot fathom what those that are not near a "physician" or a local pharmacy to get anything for "pain relief" cope. I am sure, like earlier times here in the 20's, 30's and so forth, long before "doctors" had offices, and staff and hospitals were in every town, people "made their own concoctions" of "pain relievers".... they deal with herbs, plants, and so forth, they have learned in their lives rid them of pain... or doctors still are off in jungles, and in remote places where most may have never really seen a real "medical doctor".... so when I thought about "us" here, and then seeing Pain Week in Aussie, it got me to thinking about how many suffer, and they have no "real place medically" to get help.

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Friday's addn of my Daily Newspaper, Health, RA, Lupus, Chronic Pain and more!