Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ANOTHER RED WASP STING! Feeling LOUSY, Antibiotics and some of their horrible side effects, "Smart Beat", Life and more

I swear I just walk out my back door, in just around my yard and get freaking STUNG AGAIN BY ONE OF THOSE RED WASPS!!!!! Every time I step out either door, and this morning I walked through my gate and one came from nowhere , in fact I guess flew up from the grass and got me... I never even SEEN IT! This time on my left knee, and of curse it swelled up immediately! It's already the size of a silver dollar almost! This time I can't "see" anything in it, so I am not sure if there is a stinger or not. I've sprayed and knocked down every nest I can find.

 But, I KNOW there has to be one or two HIDDEN from sight, because they are seemingly in just a couple of places in my yard when they tend to be like this. Hell, just before this one stung me, out of the blue, one came directly towards me in the front lawn and I just began to back up slowly... and I don't know where he went but I avoided that one, only to walk around to my back yard and one get me...as I said I never even seen it coming! They are THE MOST AGGRESSIVE IN TX I've ever seen them this year. I mean I've been stung usually by yellow jackets, if you get near a nest, or are around close by, but never have I had this happen. My daughter said they are really bad, especially yellow jackets down around Corpus where they live. He oldest son got stung over the weekend by a yellow jacket... I have still not felt very well, and I am having a very difficult time "getting over" what ever the hell is wrong with me...

 I seem to wake up every morning with a sick feeling stomach, and I am just so weak, it just wears me out to even walk through the market for a few things. I still have a bad headache off and on, and my lower back tends to hurt one side, then the other.... I just generated feel "lousy".... for the lack of a better term... now my knee is killing me, and I have to be very concerned about infection... if I get infection "in that artificial joint" they would have to possibly remove it all, and then put a new one in.... dammit... plus I found out I was wrong, the antibiotic they gave me for the kidney infection is one that gives me a horrible time with antibiotic induced diarrhea, and I sure as HELL don't WANT NOR NEED THAT!!!! Talk about one horrid thing to happen to you... anyone that has had this before knows exactly what I am talking about... it is terrible... worse than many other things you can be ill with....

I did finally get a bit of painting done for a while yesterday and managed to make it through the market for just a few things, but then I was totally wiped out yesterday afternoon/evening. It took every ounce of strength I had left (about 1/2 spoon for your spoonies) to get myself in the shower and take a shower. I am supposed to go out to my PCP's office this morning and do fasting blood work for the "Smart Beat" thing they are doing... where everyone that has had or has close family that has had heart problems, High BP, cholesterol high,diabetes, they do an extensive work up even giving you tests on your lungs, and echocardiogram, and EKG, Doppler on your carotids, and the main one down in you abdomen, and several other tests, if you have not had any of them at all, or have not had them fairly recently with your Cardiologist... then they take that, with fasting blood work, and do an analysis about how "well" you are in the categories of your lungs, heart, arteries, glucose levels, and so forth and it is totally of no cost to the patient. They did not do a couple of the tests on me simply because my Cardiologist had already done them within the last 6 months or so. So, that is my story and drama for this morning and I am sticking to it.... and I am sure some of you think,

 "Here's a Quarter call someone who cares".... LOL!!!! ;) Rhia

Oh yes, and I did finally get my car washed yesterday, plus I finally made it to the cemetery yesterday. This was my 1st time there since Mom's funeral. I just needed to get to the "resolve" that when I did go, it would not just be Dad, I was talking with, but Mom there as well now. I have to say it was a "strange feeling".... but I got silk flowers put in her vase, and it almost appears as if I "matched" them to Dad's but I didn't on purpose... anyway, the monument is just covered in sand.

 I only had my little hand broom, so I have to go back out and take my larger broom so I can sweep off the monument (head stone) and get all of the sand off of it. Due to them putting sand on it once the casket was in, and the wind has been blowing like heck here daily it is just more covered than I've ever seen it. And it is way too pretty to allow it to look like that...

 Last photo of Mom before she got really ill. This was taken last Thanksgiving November 2015

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