Monday, May 11, 2015

A VERY "BLAH" Monday!

Well for many of us we got to celebrate a wonderful Mother's Day!!! Then for all of us, like myself, that got tremendously hindered by severe weather, we shall have to have a later celebration.

Well, I hope to be able to. I changed my reservations AGAIN for the 4th time for Winstar in OK. Yet, even this next weekend shows that we could be right in the same shape again, bad, bad and more bad weather. So, we shall see how the week goes.

Plus I am not feeling well at all today. I really felt lousy all weekend. Between allergy mess, my hips and legs, my right shoulder blade for some reason, and just a general upset stomach, and feeling like the fatigue has kidnapped my body and take it over, I just feel like HELL honestly!

Of course for now the "severe weather" has moved on, but I am sure it will come again soon, from what my joints say, and my body, plus of course the "forecast".

So, I am not going to be online much today. I got involved in baking, and all of that yesterday, so I really didn't spend much "down time" for Mother's Day. So, today I am headed for the sofa with my pups to hopefully get some relaxation, rest, and get this awful fatigue under control once again.

I am never "far away" so send me a message, email etc... I will be checking my computer off and on during the day....

By the way, our friend and client, did go through about 4 hours of surgery on his brain last night due to the hemorrhage. The removed a piece of his skull in order to create room for the swelling and to relieve the pressure from his brain. It seems he is "stable", but they are still not quite sure what caused the brain hemorage yet. He is somewhat alert, and responding. Plus they said his "breathing" is over and beyond the ventilator, so that is a very good thing. But, he has NO movement at all right now on the left side of his body. The bleed seemed to be on the right, so that would make sense.... I shall post more later when I get updated! Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers.

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