Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WAAD 15 - Begins Friday! The "race around the globe for Autoimmune Arthritic Awareness!

In addition to the online race, with 2 dozen nonprofits competing to win WAAD15 while spreading education and awareness around the world, we have MORE for you during the 6 day online World Autoimmune Arthritis Day experience!
There are FIVE webinars you can register for as well. IF you are also registering to officially play WAAD15 then these webinars can earn you major mileage points for yourself!*
The second webinar of the event is Saturday night (USA) at 7:00 ET (9am AUS/11am New Zealand, Sunday), which deals with the frustrations of awareness, delay in diagnosis, and access to treatments- all associated with living with an autoimmune arthritis disease. The official Hosts and Event Coordinators of WAAD15, International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis will be leading this session. There will also be a special feature discussion on PsA with guest Marel Pike, from Secret Psoriatic Arthritis Business, and materials referenced from the National Psoriasis Foundation and IFPA (International Federation of Psoriasis Associations).
This will be a casual, "chat" type webinar with a Q and A session at the end.
You can register for this FREE webinar here:…/6827783956463713793
You can learn more about WAAD15 at!
*While it's not required to register FOR FREE to play along with WAAD15 you still should to get the full experience. First, your registrations earns your 3 favorite nonprofits 25 mileage points each towards winning WAAD15 and enables YOU to log mileage points as an official WAAD15 YOU can win prizes too! You can learn all about WAAD15 and register to play along at

Just wanted to remind everyone to go to the WAAD15 Website and Register for FREE! This year the event will run for about 5 to 6 days, and will have some of the best information from many sources when it comes to Autoimmune Arthritis - More information is listed below and the URL you can go to for registering
and more...

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