Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Prescription Pain Medications and Legitimate Patients Once Again Could face issues... we MUST stand up for OUR RIGHTS!

Again, as you can see, those of us who ARE chronic pain patients and we DO take our Medications PROPERLY and we keep them SAFE, LOCKED UP, and take them ONLY AS DIRECTED, following all of the "pain doctors" orders to a "t" so we do NOT abuse our medications, nor are we the ones using them for "recreational" use, or to do something illegal with them. SO, the "FEW" the DO NOT use them correctly, OR they sell them, or overtake them, or get them from numerous doctors and so on, cause US the very people the medications are for, to SUFFER!!! It is already DIFFICULT ENOUGH to get into a GOOD pain doctor that DOES prescribe pain medications. Then when you do, never would you try and do anything to jeopardize that "contract" between you and your physician!!!! WE MUST stand UP for OURSELVES!!! Or once again, we will be in a place that we may have suffer needlessly due to the few that do wrong. This has to be talked about, taken seriously, and we are the ones, the PATIENTS that must fight for our rights as being able to do "our lives like I do my own.... So, each of you, that are in the same situation, I would love to hear from you, and see what you have to say about this ever changing issue... it sucks that a few, can cause harm to so many.

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