Thursday, May 7, 2015

RA and The Chance of Heart Attack Doubles with the Disease

Study: Rheumatoid arthritis nearly doubles risk of surprise heart attack - Since I've has 2!!!! Already One at 40 and another one at 50- I don't want a repeat for sure. My first one at 40 years old, my doctor told me then my chances of surviving a 2nd on were not good at all. So happened I was in the hospital in Dallas when I actually had the 2nd one. Or I may not be writing this today... my Rheumatologist always reminds me of just how high my chances are since I've had 2 already and now to have RA, Lupus and so on, that makes my risk extremely high... I do all I can to "help" avoid one. But, that was how I was BEFORE the first one! I was only 40 years old, I was in great shape, walked 5 miles daily, along with other types of exercise, I ate as healthy as anyone could, my cholestral was not high at all, my blood pressure was under control with medications... so you would have thought I would have been the "poster" person for NOT having a Myocardial Infarction. Yet, I did. My doctors back then had not discovered my Autoimmune issues. Had they known, they may have blamed it on that. But it was another 8 years before I was diagnosed with RA, Lupus etc. My 2nd one, at 50, I had been extremely ill. In fact, we just talked about that a day or so again. The doctors here and in Methodist hospital in Dallas, never really KNEW What was "wrong" with me. They blamed it partially on a nick in my liver from a gallbladder surgery I had in Ennis. But, then they kept telling us that I had a "collapsed bile duct"... whatever was going on "poisons" from my system were literally pouring into my abdominal cavity all around my internal organs and so forth. I continued to get more ill by the day, and after SEVERAL surgeries, they had hoped I was out of the woods, and improving. I went for over 6 WEEKS that I could not eat one bite or take a drink of anything. They had me on a liquid "nutritional" bag of "white liquid" and that was my "food" for weeks and weeks. About the time I began to be a bit better, and more able to be "coherent" - they were trying to send me home with all of these tubes running out of my side and I was not even able to really eat yet... so I got what they thought so totally "heart broken" over being so ill and feared coming home at the time, it caused a 2nd heart attack. Fortunately, I've avoided any type of surgery and I don't have any stents at the time, so far. Medications continue to control it, but believe me there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about "what if".... so never take any symptom pf an MI lightly. Even if your "young" 30's or younger, it can happen.....

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