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Friday, April 26, 2019

EYE Exam when on Plaquenil to check for Macular Degeneration, Weather,Bursitis,Lumbar Spine problems, & Spring Weather bringing the insects

Eye Exam, Spring time Weather brings in the "insects", Hip Bursitis, Lumbar Spine causing pain, & the "catch-up" game on Doctor Visits

WELL, I got the EYE EXAM over with..finally yesterday... and no signs of macular degeneration or anything caused from some of my medications, especially the Plaquenil... although my vision had "gotten worse" so I did need new glasses, which I knew I would. And usually I am not thrilled with glasses, BUT I can't wait to get these in and take a pic n them... they are totally "different" in several ways than my last two pair... as far as looks etc... it will be probably 10 days, (I hope less) but with the "prisms" in the for the double vision, they take longer to make. So, I can "check" that one off the LONG LIST of DOCTORS, follow ups, etc...

 I was really past due. I am supposed to have an eye exam for the macular degeneration ANNUALLY! And I know it's been at least 3 years...between Mom passing away, then the hip fractures, and the neck surgeries, and all of the other 100 things in life that goes on for most of us, it took me that long to finally just say "you have to do this" and get it done. So, now I have an Echocardiogram next Tuesday. It's been a couple of years since my last one, and before they put in the pacemaker my Cardiologist wanted it done, which I hate only because you have to lay on one side, and be still at times while the tech takes pics, and so forth.. and it's just not comfortable for e to lay on that side... with my hips especially right now still hurting so badly from the bursitis (and whatever else is going on) I am NOT CONVINCED that "hip bursitis" is the only thing causing so much pain in both hips... MY FEAR honestly is that something has happened again with my lumbar spine... either a compression fracture, due to the osteoporosis, or a disc or two "gone" like in my neck, or something to do with my lower spine causing this much pain for as long as it's gone on now... 

I WANT to continue to BLAME IT on the "weather" and I know that it is part of why the pain is so bad, BUT.. it hurts to stand, to sit, to walk.... even just driving to Waxahachie to the eye doctor yesterday, made my hips and upper legs have such a deep ache... and it is only like 15 miles over there. So, I am not driving for that long. But going to Dallas to the doctor's up there does the same thing... yet if I try to stand in one spot, or at times just walk through Wally World or the market etc... it does the same thing... it is so frustrating... and my pain specialist ordered a CT Scan, I have the order, BUT I have had to see all of the other doctors etc... and besides I know the co-pay on a damned CT Scan is HIGH, besides, I still owe a little to the hospital for the Endoscopy from that CO-pay. The I will owe another one when the pacemaker is placed. Each time I see a specialist my co-pay is 35.00. That does not sound bad at all, 

I know BUT when you go to about 5 or 6 in less than a month, it adds up!!!! Plus I have not been back for my follow up with my Rheumy but I JUST now got the lab work results he wanted. So I knew there was no reason to make a trip until I knew for sure all of those were in and that they sent them to him. I still face also going to my "other" Orthopedic Specialist... the one that did my complete shoulder replacement and both neck surgeries.. once the CT Scan is done.. again though until I have that scan and the results there is no reason to make a trip to see him. That is why my pain doctor ordered the CT Scan.

He knew that it would be the 1st thing that my Ortho. Doc want of my lumbar spine. 
AND so goes, it's going to be so muddy, and now it shows we have a possibility after a beautiful weekend, of then from next Tuesday for at least 10 DAYS of THUNDERSTORMS everyday!!!! So, if I don't get some of this stuff done in the yard over the weekend, I may be having weeds taller than me in places... plus my I am overtaken by ANTS! Several kinds but I have put down everything and they keep "moving" .. these worry me because they are n the outside of at least half my house, I bought some "ant block" that is made to put around the foundation of the house... although I have already put down even the "Bayer" one all over the yard twice and they still are giving me the blues... OLO! they hate coffee grounds though...they are in one of the brick columns on my front porch, and it has enough space on it, I can spread the coffee grounds all around it, and it drives them nuts, they won't cross it so then of course they MOVE and find another way dammit.... but after almost "no winter weather" then ALL of the rains for so long... and an early spring I fear just like weeds and pollen we are going to be covered up in all kinds of "bugs".... here come the fire ants... I've already had a couple of beds of those... 

So, if it's not ONE thing, then it's something else... I know I am "griping" but I also realize I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON with all this mess going on in life... so I feel for all of you also... then the news talks about how "stressed" as a nation we are... well no wonder.....

Friday, May 29, 2015

Wondering If I "Offended" anyone? Living a Life of never knowing what is around the corner, one day to the next.

As of lately, between thunderstorms, rain that seems to be never ending, concerns for loved ones and others I know that could be caught in these rushing waters somewhere, and all of the things I've seemed to either "get behind" on, or feel as if I am moving again, too slowly.

I know, another very long, drawn out sentence to start a post. As usual. from brain fog, to wondering what comes next, I am not sure what to us. I've awakened a couple of nights in a row, feeling as if I was being suffocated. Some of it, I'm sure just upset over all of the tremendous amount of rain, thunderstorms, water, and problems that go along with all of it.

I've got to make a couple of decisions in regard to my own health, that are not easy to make. As I've said now for weeks, Mom and I have been so looking forward to going for a overnight stay, a girls day and night out, away from all of the drama that continues to surround my life.

After going for months, and not hearing from our lawyer, about three days ago, finally after I had made a step in their direction, we get an email from an "assistant attorney" at our lawyer's office. She had read my email, and saw that I was in a bit of a fluster, not hearing anything from them for months, she comes back with her own email about some paperwork they need. There are some things that need to be clarified from information that a gentleman came down here and got from Jim. I believe it was more of a testing, of just how badly his memory, and that had been still trying to piece that information together. They also want names of doctors and addresses of course of any doctors Jim has seen over the past several months, since he gave them everything from the hospital.

We tend to think that "maybe", and that is a huge maybe, something may try to move forward now. Since "our attorney" is asking for information they may have some idea about the possibility of this not going on to a "jury and trial". I would "assume" that the other party involved in all of this would not want to "air" all of the details out in the "Dallas" area. But, we of course don't have a clue, as to what type of "witnesses" that we have "been told" they gotten depositions from. I cannot fathom, many "witnesses" to this at all. Only those involved in the wreck, being that it was on I-45, a very busy portion at that coming into the Dallas City Limits. and was no real "houses" to amount to anything in that area, If they do or did have a "look" it couldn't have been very much. That entire area, is more or less not filled with any real residential areas, with the exception, of the possibility of some type of apartments, and they would be kind of difficult to get a very good look at something on that stretch of highway, that happened that rapidly, to be able to say one way or the other what you "may have seen".... plus there as far as we know were no people that "stopped" and asked to help. With the accident as bad as it was, if someone had really seen what took place, I can't imagine them not stopping at the very least to not try and get 911 there, and even possibly get Jim out of that car. Of course He thought there was, but later we found out, what he thought I believe was the actual fire crew that came in and had to literally cut him out of the car. As far as we know there was not anyone that stopped to help. So, "onlookers" (I was not there so I can't say with certainty) seems kind of doubtful at this point.

I've been through that area now on several occasions driving back and forth to doctors, and unless it is one particular "house" or more like an apartment building, there is nothing "facing" the highway enough to see what really went on..

None the less, we also don't know whom it telling what, and whom knows anything, and maybe there is "not" a "witness"... but the other parties of course are going to "stir" the soup of a mess in any way they can in order to make the situation a bit deeper into a pile of crap honestly.

I am going to "end" this here. It is already after 2:30 on Friday afternoon. I've been so busy these past several days, and still am having to deal with whether to attempt Dallas and go to the Casino Sunday.. OR wait until my doctors appointment that is Wednesday afternoon, and we would be about an hour and 20 minutes away from the Casino then. We could even stay Wed. night and Thursday night... if we did that... the weather "supposedly" is going to be out of the woods as far as thunderstorms and all that has been going on. I have not packed yet, and I should have went to town today, but I don't want to attempt to wash the car until tomorrow... when hopefully it won't be as "muddy" as today. I can tell I am tired... my eyes are seeing "double vision" even with my glasses on as I type. So, I know I am just exhausted.... anyway, I think I am off to the sofa for now and give thought to what I may want to do about all of this...

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