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Friday, April 5, 2019

Colo-Guard Easy Extremely Reliable (colon cancer Biomarker/lesion screening) NON-INVASIVE and 95% Accurate!

Colo-Guard Easy Extremely Reliable (colon cancer Biomarker/lesion screening) NON-INVASIVE and 95% Accurate!

Ever had a "colonoscopy"? Te test itself is fine.. BUT THE PREP FOR MANY IS UNBEARABLE!!!! I "tried twice" and there was no WAY I cold possible follow the guidelines for the PREP! It made me literally sick for a week!

SO MY REGULAR PCP DID THE OLD FASHIONED, CHECK FOR 'OCCULT BLOOD" in the stool sample,, which came back "positive" - I needed an Endoscopy due to Barrett's Esophagus, which is far less an issue. You don't eat or drink after midnight, go in the next morning, are put under, and within a couple few hours unless they must do ablation to the Barrett's due to changes (which mine was fine)....

So I went online and found COLO-GUARD! I saw my General Surgeon and was telling him about it and he was going to suggest it since I just cannot go through the "prep" of a colonoscopy... He sent off the orders for the lab, they sent me the testing kit, which is easy to use, you send it directly back to the lab, PREPAID by them, they file your insurance, and within a week my doctor called with my results, NEGATIVE NO BIOMARKERS AND ANY RESULTS OF LESIONS IN MY COLON! :):) 

so NO COLONOSCOPY!!!!! THE ABOVE LINK WILL GIVE YOU LOTS OF INFORMATION, AND IF YOU are being told to have a colonoscopy, and your prefer NOT to go through hell of that horrid PREP mess, then talk to your physician about Colo-Guard!

I am very, very satisfied with the test and with the results. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Colonoscopy and Endoscopy - Just another procedure to put us through....n Life with Chronic Pain, RA, Lupus & chronic illness

Going through the Ordeal to get Ready for an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy!

Also Barrett's which I have and my Anemia is getting worse every 3 months, and my Parathyroid Labs are all "off" also....

So, I started to see the surgeon on Thursday afternoon, to see about scheduling that endoscopy and colonoscopy... and about the time I was leaving the house, I "felt" one of those drenching sweats coming on, plus they were supposed to put the holter monitor on me for 24 hours while I was there... I almost called and cancelled, but decided I would "try" to at least get into the surgeon... 

and wait on the monitor... because the leads will not stick on my skin if I am having one of those horrible drenching cold sweats... so the doctor was running over an hour late! I knew I was getting worse, but fortunately it was not a terribly bad one, but I did put off the monitor and told them I would try next week... and I did get in, so I have the endoscopy and colonoscopy on November the 14th!!! And now the way they "clean out" your digestive tract is almost silly.... 

rather than drink that "lime stuff" like you used to, you get 2 32 ounce bottles of Gatorade or Pedialyte... 2 bottles of "Miralax"... and 5 Ducolax pills... and mix the Miralax in the Gatorade and drink it like a glass every 10 minutes until you are finished with it, this is at noon and you are "fasting" anyway, with jello, etc the whole day before", and then at 6PM you drink the other Gatorade and Miralax and I think in between take those Dulolax pills!!!! 

Good Lord I hope that does not make me sick... that is a lot of Gatorade, and I guess it helps to "hydrate" you, rather than used to, you would be almost dehydrated doing it the old way.... anyway, I just hope they can do it early in the morning on the 14th and get it over with... I've got to get hold of my son, and see if he can get off work to take me... of course they put you to sleep so you have to have someone to drive you home after it's done.... I still have not heard from the Endocrinologist... but I guess I will call myself and try to schedule an appt if I don't hear from them by early next week....