Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have a really special story about one of our dearest friends that lives in San Fransisco. He is a nurse there, and actually his schooling puts him higher than an RN actutally. He works the ER and that is what he loves, is helping those coming in many times you never know what you might do that day or night to save a life.
His name is Danny. He is about 42. He is a member of a nurses union in California. The head of the union approached Danny, as well as a couple of others from their hospital about joining the volunteer efforts for Haiti by being on the USS Comfort, which is one of the floating military hospitals, something like it holds 900 beds... and it completely self contained.

So Danny said yes!! He leaves this coming Wednesday to fly to Jacksonville FL where he will board the ship. He will be gone at least two weeks. :) I commend him and all of the civilian people who are donating their time they could be pulling shifts and earning their wages, to make such an amazing difference and with any Have to think about it, he said YES! immediately! We are so incredibly proud and envious a little of him. For I have said it 50 times, if my health was not an issue and they needed me for something I could help with, I would be on the first ship or place, headed that way.

So through Danny's unselfish act, we are living the situation through his eyes.It is truly incredible that he, as well as the other thousands of volunteers go to provide rellef to those who otherwise might perish with the thousands that already have.

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