Friday, January 1, 2010

Limbaugh ill - Palin makes me Ill

OMG! LOL! I guess I am not the only one in the boat! The first thing out of my mouth when I heard this on the news yesterday was "IS He dead?"!!!!I I know that is not the Christian thing to say, but it appears if we are going to hell wishing that upon this scum bag, bigot, hate mongering, soul sucking, demon possessed lying bag of monkey crap, that has spewed his vile, hatred around our country and the world, then I shall be in good company! I will not apologize for how I feel about his gruesome, cold hearted, yelling, ill willed, hateful, and full of bigotry statements he makes about our country, our President, and everyone that we should respect. I will not apologize for hating what he stands for... which is what most of us loath. I will also say it will be a cold day in hell before I ever listened to one of his radio shows. And of all people, if Rush decided to kick the freaking bucket, NOT PALIN!!! That would be the sin of all sins. That colored dyed red headed witch can keep her frozen broom stick up there in her igloo & remain there for eternity as far as I am concerned! She does not know how to speak proper English, so how the heck would anyone think she could do a radio show? I would rather hear an intelligent monkey, or even far better than that, my "talking" Chi-weenie, Bubs, can speak better than that old wind bag of what some call a hockey Mom. I would love to tell her where she could put that hockey puck and stick! I say we ship both of them to the South Pole in a rubber raft, with NO RADIO, no phone, and only enough food and water for a week! They can share an igloo down there with the penguins.

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