Friday, January 15, 2010

Mother Natures Wrath- Greatly Shadows our own pain

As the pictures came rolling in one by one this morning of the Nation of Haiti, and all that no longer exists for one of the poorest nations in the world, it puts our own pain and suffering into perspective, as that horrific disaster continues to wipe our hundred’s of thousands of innocent lives. Mother Nature spares no one... from the youngest of infants to the eldest of elders, body upon body, sheets, plastic, or whatever they can find to cover the dead over, while the ones that have been released from the mortuary to their loved ones... and are laid to rest by their own families having to dig the graves. Many thousands will not be claimed, since it is very probable entire families are wiped completely out, thus mass graves, one today of 7,000 people was dug and they brought corpse after corpse laying them to rest together forever, not one living to be able to tell of the horror that was in their hearts during those devastating minutes when the Earth literally shook so hard beneath their feet, it knocked down 4 and more story buildings, obliterated the Embassies, schools, hospitals, houses, stores, sending every stone to lie upon the ground like an atomic bomb had hit the entire 1 million plus people, and the Capitol of Haiti. These people already know daily struggles and suffering. Many of them already living in cardboard boxes, in small shacks on the mountain sides, now not a one standing. Often many of those millions living off of less than 2.00 a day for an entire family. Now, the most valuable thing there is no longer monetary, but life saving water and food.

There are visions of children injured wandering around as they pass those not so fortunate laying covered up around their feet. The injured sitting in the street, some not able to walk, no one to help them, for those that walk by, cannot even help themselves. I cannot begin to explain in the depths of my heart, just how fortunate I feel. Even though we suffer from Chronic Illnesses, Pain, and so many hardships, nothing compares to what those Haitian survivors are dealing with. Homes and all wiped away. Many of their loved ones dead, or buried beneath the massive piles of rubble. No shelter from aftershocks that range sometimes over 5 on the Richter Scale. No clean water, no food and n0 fuel to go and be able to get supplies. As many countries including our own US go hurriedly to help, it will be lifetimes for some of those before they will ever see what seems like home. It is a day of sorrow, it is a day of bravery, it is a day of sacrifice, of humbleness, of mourning for those that lost their lives, and even more grief for those surviving knowing all too well without medical assistance, water and food, they may die also.

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