Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Incredibly Good News About my Grandson!

I have incredibly good news! Logan is going home today. They feel he is doing fine, but he is going home with several asthma medications and inhalers as well as some type of new nebulizer for breathing treatments. Today makes it 10 days since he was admitted. Please continue to keep Logan, Amanda, my daughter and the family in your prayers. My daughter is just completely exhausted in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally. Plus I know the next few days and especially nights will be worrisome for her. I am sure she will be sitting by his bed for a few nights making sure he is breathing okay. Bless her heart and his. She wanted me to tell all thank you for the messages, the prayers, the concern.... she appreciates each and everyone of you. As of course well I myself also.. thank guys and gals for being so caring, for I know uplifting Logan through prayer, as well as uplifting his doctors in prayer had helped to get him back home and on the road to be completely well. A Huge Hug to all, Rhia

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