Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheapskate and I Love it!

Being the coupon clipping, bargain hunting, watch something until it goes on sale down to the price I think its worth, fanatical bargain, cheapskate of the world .....LOL... seriously I share this link with you. Nothing gives me more pleasure than saving large bucks on things we need daily, as well as those cool clothes I want but refuse to pay top dollar for. So, yes I clip the Sunday paper coupons, I now also print them from the internet, I watch the major pharmacies weekly ads and clip their store coupons, I use the free items coupons from our local market, and I watch clothing stores coupons, percentage off sales, and when it feels like it is a true bargain for my budget I then rush in to pluck up those things at many times a tiny fraction of it starting price. Talk about a high when I go in to my local pharmacy and save 70.00 plus between sales, store coupons and manufacturer coupons. You can clean up on things like vitamins and supplements with buy one, get one free, a store coupon and one from the manufacturer. Suddenly that 40.00 bottle of supplements goes down to 5.00! IF you feel like it is lots of work, wrong... once you get your system down as far as watching for, clipping them, looking at weekly ads (now some of the stores actually put the ads that are coming out on Sunday, in the paper and online days in advance so you can be ready with coupons in hand on Sunday when the sales starts.)

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