Thursday, August 26, 2010

Invisible Illness Week Outreach Described on Video By Founder

This is just an incredible idea! Being a chronic Illness and pain patient, I know how difficult it is when someone that just does not under says things like "but you don't look sick". The majority of us suffering from things like Chronic Pain, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and so many others may not "appear" to look ill all of the time, not like we do when we have a bad cold, the flu, pneumonia, or other acute types of illness, but that surely does not mean we don't feel it. People with chronic Illnesses learn coping methods, so we may have our hair looking good, nails painted, makeup on, and be dressed when we go to the market, or shopping, but that does not mean we are not in pain, or that we feel great. We just get tired of looking sick and tired, plus for some, getting dressed, doing your pain, putting on makeup, getting your nails done, and so forth makes us feel a little better. I realize that people from afar, strangers, may not get it. And for me, it got to the place, that sometimes I go out, looking like heck, because I don't want to deal with the comments, that I look fine. Thus, you don't put makeup on, etc. Those days are usually when I am feeling like death warmed over, thus I probably look it.

I found out we will have this National Awareness week about Invisible Illnesses. What a wonderful idea, and one we can share with others so they may understand better, what being chronically ill or in pain means for us. It can happen to anyone, anytime. You may have not had a headache, body ache, joint issue, all your life, and one day you wake up to horrible pain, severe fatigue, bad headaches, and many other symptoms. No one is immune from chronic Illness and/or chronic pain. I would not wish Lupus, and my other health issues on anyone. But, I would like to help educate others about just how life altering Chronic Invisible Illness and Pain is to all of the people it encompasses... from those who have it, to family, friends, spouses, and caretakers....

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