Sunday, November 7, 2010

Texas Republicans Wrong on So Many Levels

It is totally too early on Sunday morning for me to be this livid or even to be writing about something so serious, but after reading the headline in the New York Times (I noticed I COULD NOT find this in any TX newspaper when I did a search), that I have to sound off!

The headline reads "Texas Considers Medicaid Withdrawal"! Actually the original article came from the "Texas Tribune" of which I have never heard of, but made headlines this morning in the New York Times. 

In the first place, I voted. So I will just get that off my chest. As I always say, if you take the time to keep up with the political scene, and you take the time to go vote, then you are owed the right to bitch if you don't like something. Thus, I feel I have more than my right to say just how screwed up Texas politics are on so many levels. We should never have allowed this jackass Perry back into our Governor's position. He is a greedy, uncaring, loud mouth, who showed his ass, when he made the statement about Texas "seceeding" from the rest of the states. That should have been enough to send all to the voting booth with a huge Hell NO written in by his name. This guy is nuts. Medicaid keeps those that are in desperate need medical attention. Well, it helps a few. For the most part, it helps single Moms with kids. Rather than be taking it out, it needs to include families and the disabled that need additional medical help. 
This is not just about helping the poor anymore. It is about many, many (Texas rates the highest of those without medical insurance coverage) Texans that simply live from paycheck to paycheck, and cannot pay their mortgage, feed and clothe their children, send them to college, pay their bills, and afford the ever growing costs of medical insurance. Someone making 40,000.00 a year with a family, can't have 400.00 plus lots more taken from their already dwindling paychecks on pay day. 
What about the family that has a Grandmother living on Social Security and she suddenly is not able to be taken care of at home? After Medicare pays, and her supplement pays, then it suddenly runs down to all being gone, who is going to pay 1,000.00 a day for nursing home care? 
What about people that have lots their jobs, and are having to try and make ends meet on unemployment? Do you think they should not have medical coverage, when it is no fault of their own they don't have a job?

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