Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just a Quick Post and I will promise to post more tomorrow....

I've been going back and forth over my "eye" stuff. The double Vision. It has progressed and gotten much worse. Sometimes even now, with my glasses on, it rears its ugly head.

Since everything has happened as it has I already missed my Rituxan infusion and have to reschedule it, my new dentist who also works out of the same facility SW Med, in Dallas, and I am in desperate need of both of those. Plus I feel i may need to see the eye specialist again but I am not sure there is anything else to be done about it,,

I've narrowed the entire issue down to two "diagnosis"
First of all "retinal vasculitis" and moreover all of it definitely lines up as symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis. In fact "MS" and also Myasthenia Gravis came up at one of the last Neurologists I went to. He said it is also difficult to really "diagnose", due to like many of the other autoimmune diseases, there is no "one" test that tells them yes or no. There are a couple of blood tests out there, but just like RA, Lupus and the rest of them... they could be "serum negative" but you have it or be "serum positive" and not.... thus counting on tests right now is usually nuts...

But, my symptoms just tell the story and map out each and every way the symptoms go... so I am including a couple of articles about these, and I plan on doing more research myself. If any of you find something or come across some good information I would so appreciate it if you would post links here etc...

There are lots of good links out there with information so if you fall upon anything that mentions this, as well as anything that might help with Jim's recovery from the accident and trying to learn to walk again... any and all is so needed and appreciated..... Rhia

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