Friday, July 18, 2014

Cute Story about Neighborly Neighbors & Their Friendly "Battles" Over the Years

I debated about posting this here first, or putting it on my blog with a link to it here. But, for now I will post it here because it is a "cute" little ordeal that has actually been going on for around 50 plus years. My Dad & Mom lived in the very first house my Dad had built in 1950. It is tiny. 2 small bedrooms, a small living room, a very small dining area that also is where the washer and dry are, a fairly small kitchen & alas the bathroom is just like a tiny box! We are talking about just less than 1,000 sq. feet! Back then that was in some ways considered HUGE! Many just could not afford a "huge" three bedroom brick mansion, with two baths and an attached garage. I begin telling this because you kind of have to get a bit of "background" about the neighborhood, & get the jest of why this is so freaking funny, especially to me. Mom & Dad had (and Mom still has the woman) a couple next door to them that they had known from day one of being there. Over the years they had cook out's together, went dancing together, Dad worked with the husband for many years at EBF etc. The wife, had been a nurse (at one time the only one that delivered babies with the doctors), and she was extremely dedicated and even after she retired, she went back to work for one of our doctors, until he retired, and she had too many issues health wise, so she had to give it up. Anyway, both my parents and them played "penny" poker sometimes on a Friday or Saturday night, went out to eat, and Dad and the husband were always kidding one another, from Dad Calling him a "tight wad", to him calling Dad silly stuff also. They would every once in a while get pissed and they may not talk to one another for a day or so, and then right back to the friendship as it always was. They had 2 boys. They were both several years older than me. And the neighbors house, like ours was very small, about the same size as Mom's & Dad's... and they raised those two boys in the tiny home. She still lives there till this day, just like my Mom... both chose to stay in the home they had always been in since marriage.
She, as a nurse, really did many, many things to help me. She was like a 2nd Mom, and sometimes it felt like my "1st Mom)! LOL... she taught me to crochet, make baby caps, and took me shopping in Dallas when she went... She was always teaching me something or doing something and would usually invite me to come. She is the very reason I so wanted to become a nurse. I "worked" as a volunteer Candy striper, she allowed me to do everything from learning to use the "autoclave" (back then it was used to kill the bacteria etc on the instruments.. there was nothing, or not much disposables back then. They washed, cleaned and then wrapped the packs of what was needed in certain surgeries etc... then put them in the autoclave to sterilize them. I even had my picture in the local paper one year holding the first "Christmas" baby in a red stocking we always made for them to go home in.

So, as you can tell our families were close, almost like being family members to one another. But, if Dad decided to go out and get a "portable gas grill", that family has to "one up" Dad, and have one put in the ground permanently and build a deck around it. If Dad painted the house, so did they. If Dad bought a new truck, you can bet they would have a new vehicle.... LOL, it got to be just funny, because they just could not stand for Dad and Mom to do something, without them feeling the need to also do the same or something similar. She had helped us out over the years when we were ill, or had a health issue, we always went over to talk to her first. But, just after Dad passed away, and just after I got back to Ennis to help Mom out, little did I know that her friend was "helping" Mom with her affairs financially, etc... but SHE bless her soul is just PUSHY as hell. She always wanted to tell everyone what to do, what to say, where to be, and if you did not do what she said, you can bet she would get pissy, and not speak for a day or so... But, as I said just after I got here back in Ennis, Mom & her had "words" over something I think... what I do know is that the woman, who had been like another Mom to me, quit speaking to me also. Even if she met me in the store, I could have ran over her, and several times I looked in her the face and said hello, but she NEVER said a word to me. Now I know my Mom sometimes can say something, & she may not mean it to sound "degrading" or in a bad way, BUT people take it that way. So, I feel my Mom might have said something or the friend did, & whatever it was it really hurt their friendship and mine, and I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! After I got here, Mom no longer needed her "friends advice" so I think that was part of it. She wanted to be able to tell Mom how to kind of "run her life" I am here and I am the one helping Mom out with the affairs... Well, about 2 months ago, after YEARS now of not speaking they began to speak a little... thus it is not all patched up but there is a bit of communication between them... NOW comes the FUNNY PART!!!! LOL... Last week I was at Mom's for the most part as they replaced her roof. Well, the gentleman that owned the roofing company came into tell us they were through... and then he said, your neighbor wants me to give her an estimate... MMMM, you must have known one another for a long time!!! We kind of looked at one another weird and asked him why he thought that. Well, Miss Goody-two-Shoes had commenced to telling him Mom should have had that replaced years ago, and blah, blah, blah, about how Mom should do this, & that I may not be giving her the best advice ---HAHAHA ----- We had to laugh in the first place, the ONLY reason for her having her house roofed is because she just cannot stand to be "one-upped" by Mom... and then that is just like her to mouth off about someone, and of course it had to be Mom and I! So, we told him a "condensed" story of the thing, and we all three had a great laugh over it, PLUS HE GOT THE JOB!!!!! So, whether she did need it or not.... I was happy he got the roofing job... And to read me tell the story, it is not quite as funny as "watching" it evolve after all these years... just goes to prove the old saying.. "Some things never change"... she is the same as she was when I was 10 yrs old... and I bet Dad and her Husband are in heaven still teasing one another... and her Mom & Her are, still the same... a few years older but still "friendly rivals"
about how Mom should do this, & that I may not be giving her the best advice  ----LOL

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