Monday, December 19, 2016

I FEEL totally CURSED!!

Most of u already are aware of my situation. Thank U ALL fir th well wishes, thoughts and prayers. When I am a bit more out of pain I will post more. Worried about my r. foot, think it may have a hairline fracture, so we may be going for another X-Ray This really put a kink in the holidays, and me having neck surgery. I will not be able to have that done now until the hip is healed more.... I am going to try and still write,blog, and do my advocacy work Again to you that have been so supportive to Amanda, Jason and myself - you guys and gals rock - guess this means my dream of snow skiing 1 more time in my life is over darned it..

Yes, this has been quite a shock to everyone to say the least. I WAS SUPPOSED to have cervical neck surgery BEFORE the end of the year. Last Tuesday, about 9AM or somy daughter, & I were on the phone talking. 

I walked out to the front porch, to see how"cool" it was outside & then walked back in the house & was going to step over 1 baby gate I have up between my Living room and bedroom. I have several up to keep the dogs out of places they just don't need be. I started over the gate & the toe of my shoe caught either the tip of rug out of the living room, so it is all hardwood floor right side, from my head/neck to my toes. 

It hurt so badly I dropped the phone & I WAS SCREAMING to the top of my lungs - I HOPED it was just sprained badly...but I got the phone , told Amanda to let me try and see if I could find out what I had messed up. I remembered that I had my crutches in the spare bedroom & also an extra rolling desk chair back there also. 

So, I put my heavy robe under me & was able to scoot a little at a time to that room. and then get up on the chair,grab the crutches & with my left foot I slowly rolled myself to the office.By about 2PM I KNEW something was broken but honestly I did NOT want to admit it. So, when the pain was unbearable 

I knew I had to call 911. I had no choice so, I made the call. Sure enough the CT& X-rays confirmed 2 breaks in my right hip. The Orthopedic surgeon , (Dr. Roye) who had also done surgery on my left shoulder & elbow, so he is familiar with my physical ailments. I can say this is the very last ordeal myself and my family needed- after losing Mom about 6 months ago.

 when it rains, it pours......

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