Wednesday, October 18, 2017

FM/CFS/ME and it's Original Story... I decided to post this for those who suffer from "FM" and the other related illnesses, syndromes and so forth...

There are some that had either some types of dental "surgeries" or procedures, and then developed "some symptoms" of FM, CFS and so forth. When the 1st FM/CFS was "diagnosed" in Colorado(it was in "Lake Tahoe", by a doctor(s) there in a small town that "suddenly" MANY of that small town "developed" symptoms, that at first they felt that there was a new "outbreak" of a disease never seen before here. Many of the residents suddenly who had been very healthy became lethargic, had joint pain, the ran a very slight fever, some had "rashes" but many of those symptoms are now known as FM/CFS. That doctor if I am correct still runs a clinic there and I read the (book) I believe there is a book he wrote about it. It was almost "insane" how all of these so called been healthy residents suddenly could not walk, or could not do their jobs, were not able to leave their homes, because the horrible fatigue, and other symptoms were so bad, they could not function. I recall one was a mail man that had been doing his job for many years and he went into the clinic there, and again he almost could not work, because of suddenly being so ill. They tested the ground, water, thought maybe that had been "poisoned" or some type of "something" had just "hit" that town, due to the many who were becoming ill. Not long after that, then they began seeing patients with the same symptoms in California, and states other than Colorado and that one town. So, that is when these 2 doctors began a clinic just FOR FM/CFS and I believe it still exists and they are still one of the huge establishments trying to figure out why people suddenly come down with these illnesses... anyone out there who knows about this and I know many of you do, please jump in and help out if you know more. I will look up the name of the clinic there and the town and post it in a moment.

Here is some about the original story of CFS/ME which now I believe are all "connected" as FM...

Okay I am incorrect IT was in Lake Tahoe actually when this all first happened and it was "Peterson" that began seeing these patients..I believe the "Peterson" clinic is there still and larger... they are still continuing their own "journey" to figure out what it is... It was first known as ME...they thought it could be some type of "flu" they even at one time called it the "yuppie flu" Here is a link to a portion of the story 

The clinic I think is Peterson-Whitman or something like that.. it "was" the "Whittmore-Peterson" institute and I know there were issues so now it is actually called They have changed names and do research on neurological problems, which these illnesses/syndromes are all "inter-related"...

This was a very interesting story (true) in how all of the entire ordeal with ME/CFS/that I believe now is "rolled into "FM"... above... I didn't realize that the "Whittmore-Peterson" clinic is now the

 but I do recall there being some controversy over the original physicians, and the clinic that became the above. So, here is the new to that clinic, and the story is really interesting. Anyone who is either diagnosed with FM/CFS/ME OR just wants to know more, should delve into the story... I really learned a great deal from the two original physicians, whose town "Lake Tahoe" "suddenly" without notice the almost entire town became "ill" with many symptoms and so forth, that caused them much distress and up until then nothing was known about it..... Until two doctors began seeing SO MANY otheriwse very healthy, young people become so suddenly and terribly ill...   whittemore peterson institute chronic fatigue syndrome

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