Thursday, December 7, 2017

Is there a way to "combine" all of "Life & Stresses" & also "stay somewhat healthy, especially with chronic health issues and chronic pain problems

I've been it seems almost "lost" this entire year of 2017. It seems the "less" I think I may have to do and take care of, the MORE I find is "hitting me" in my pocket book, with my health, and in my trials of getting back to the basics. Which for me is my blog, my social media in some ways, and in my writing...

My blog, as well as my writing, and posts in Facebook, Twitter, my daily newspaper, and so forth are "crucial" I feel to keep myself "out there" working somehow on them, yet between doctor's visits, tests, health problems that arise suddenly, trying to recover from an extremely complicated cervical neck surgery from last April, I feel as if I am "drowning" and treading water to keep afloat.

After last year about this time, the tragedy of my fall that led to 2 fractures of my right hip, a total of 31 days of surgery and inpatient physical therapy to be able to walk on it, and then months of recuperating at home, I felt like most of my year has been taken over once again by my own health issues.

In 2016, when Mom became suddenly so ill, with Lewy Bodies Dementia, and I spent all of that year taking care of her, then her passing away a year ago in July, that things although never being the same may "calm" down somewhat where I could get more quality time in to my own projects, from this blog, to more advocacy work, to getting down to truly finishing and having my 3rd book published. Once again I feel as if I have "failed" myself, and in many ways failed my readers.

It was a great loss of my Mom, and then after I fell and spent so much time as an inpatient, and the loss of my dear sweet "Bub's" loss, because he "mourned" himself to death because of me not able to be home.

I swore that night he laid in my bed with my at the rehab hospital never again would I allow anything to "part me" from my fur babies. They will be able to come and see my as they should if again I cannot be home with them.

I am so fortunate to have Peanut, who was so little at the time, and now my sweet, sweet Bella Doxie, who just turned 4 months old on the 2nd of this month and the both of them are the LIGHTS in my heart and life that give me the courage to get up each morning and try to "seize" the day ahead. Yet I have now such a fear of losing one of them, or something happening to me, that I am in fear on some days, just leaving to run errands or pick up things from the market.

I've been fighting my own battle about this ordeal over the Opioid Issues. I was in a "meeting" online and on the phone last night with one of my advocacy groups about that subject. The thing I found interesting is that there were many questions being added to the list as we listened to the speaker, yet one of my POST QUESTIONS was the very 1st that was brought up.

How do you "try and avoid Opioid therapy" for a person who has "multiple health problems"? For instance, take my example. I have osteoarthritis, RA, Lupus, Osteoporosis, Chronic issues of degeneration in my neck and lumbar spine. I've had 2 heart attacks, MULTIPLE SURGERIES especially JOINT surgeries, & I STILL have chronic pain daily. Now of course, I try to do other things to help the pain, that is why the surgeries rather than allowing joints to become totally incapacitating, but hernia surgery, bladder surgery, my neck that now is so "eaten away" by osteoporosis that I face a "total fusion" with "equipment" IF the GRAFTS do not Heal and harden the way they should,

I have to be diligent in taking my other medications for some of the health problems, for my heart, for the Lupus, for the RA, for the osteoporosis, then there are meds for the other health related problems I have. YET, due to "some" of my health issues, I am NOT able to take NAIDS for instance. I have severe GERD plus after a heart attack, you should not use NSAIDS.

I do my exercises, I am NOT one to sit around and cry, whine, and be "still" just because I hurt. But, I do also know that some of the "other forms of ways to help chronic pain" would cause  me to have further problems, and/or pain

I've tried just about any and every other type of "chronic pain" alternatives there are. I've been through injections into my spine and joints, I've had one hand repaired my carpal tunnel, many of the surgeries were to "repair" issues that were causing me pain. But PT, (Physical Therapy) has really never worked much for me, other than with the hip fracture, always made me hurt worse, than before I had the PT. I've had my occipital nerves in my neck injected for migraines.  And I have to say, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chiropractic techniques, other forms of stretching, exercises, swimming, and acupuncture WORK for some people!

But, when you have a "complicated complex patient" that has several different problems that can cause severe daily chronic pain, most of us do have to have some type of Opioid medication in order for us to "live our lives with some kind of quality"..

I've used that phrase often since I began my quest for answers about chronic pain, "quality of life".... and when I look back to just not that many years ago, even when I was in my teen's... and as far back as I can recall... Even "Adults" in my family and surroundings in my home town were not "plagued" with the severe illnesses and chronic severity of pain, that so MANY of us NOW have to live with!

I've questioned that now for a long while... "Why"?? is it that many of the horrible illnesses we see now, just were extremely "rare"... you didn't hear of so many with Lupus, RA, or the other number of autoimmune illnesses. Fibromyalgia is yet another that was very rare.

What was it about their lives back then that either kept them "healthier", or led them to "not endure pain" like many these days'.. was it diet, was it because they did work harder physically and less sitting around and enduring the mental hardships of computers, and complicated times we live in now? Is it because they grew much of their own food, they ate many things that we would consider "bad" for us today, they grew their own "animals", most of their grains, or bought them locally from a small grocer, they had milk from their own cows, that they made cottage cheese, or other milk products with, they had "fresh" eggs, and then chickens that were not full of hormones or other things to cause them to "produce or grow quicker".... everything was more of a natural stance. From the clothing they made from flour sacks, to the corn, cotton, plums, peaches, tomatoes, and other vegetables they grew. They had hogs they killed and cows... nothing or very little came from a "store" or from "mass production".., and the LAND at that time was not COVERED IN CONCRETE AND GLASS... plastic was probably very rare... there were few "cars" and they walked to the town, or doctor if there was one, or the doctor made a house call if he could. Medications were not all that "manufactured" but they used natural things, what we now call "home remedies" or old "folk remedies"... well those remedies kept them living, and not experiencing the cancers, and afflictions we see in this day and age.

As I sum this post up, I would call it a time that life was more simple, not complex, you had what you had, and were happy with it.... you didn't try to life "above and beyond" their means, and the neighbors a mile or two away, were good neighbors, that helped in the fields, helped build barns, and houses.... and when you had an orange, apple, and a small toy in your stocking for Christmas morning, life was GOOD!!!!!!

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