Saturday, November 10, 2018

New Clinical Trial for - Primary Biliary Cholangitis (and my story about a nightmare gallbladder surgery gone very wrong)

Primary Biliary Cholangitis brought to you sponsored by Cure Click

About 65 out of every 100,000 women have #PBC in the U.S. Researchers are looking for volunteers who experience itchiness as part of PBC. #primarybiliarycholangitis #sponsored #cureclick 

New Clinical Trial! This none is critical to me... due to me having what they thought was gallstones, or my gallbladder inflamed and possibly infected, I had an emergency surgery to remove it. During that, the surgeon "nicked' a bile duct. Which caused poisons to empty out into my body cavity... almost like blood poisoning/.. 

I was rushed to a hospital in Dallas to a specialist or let's just say MORE than one specialist. One of the main surgeons tried at least 4 times to do surgery and repair the duct. They "called in" my family, on the last two not knowing whether I would survive. She finally was able to repair the nick on the 4th time and stop all of that poison to stop pouring into my body... BUT, I did NOT EAT one bite, or even drink anything for over 6 WEEKS!! I was on so many IV's that I had a special IV "holder" to keep them all separated and in order. They "mixed" special bags of nutrition to hang and give me through IV's that entire time. I had 2 drainage tubes in me, and even came home with them still in for several weeks. They never really "knew" exactly what all was "wrong", more things though than the bile duct issue also. 

It was not enough to go through that, then I began to have (sorry I'll try not to be too graphic) to not be able to get up or call quickly enough to get to that bathroom, so for about 4 or 5 days I would wake up literally covered in incontrollable Diarrhea, and the nurses had to force me to get up, completely shower me and change my bed sheets and all, sometimes several times in just one night. It was the most frightening experience I've ever had. I guess after I was finally home, I figured out all of the antibiotics they gave me, and not eating for weeks, and all of the toxins, it "killed off" the good bacteria in my intestines that caused all of that uncontrollable mess. Then they came in, BEFORE I EVEN HAD TUBES OUT AND WAS STILL REALLY NOT EATING, and tried to get me to "come home"... I literally within hours had a 2nd heart attack (10 years almost to the day of my 1st one)... from the cardiologist said the stress on my body, plus the extreme fright I was in, scared I may die if I went home... fortunately I didn't have a blockage, so once again I was able to get over the heart attack with medications. He said that you "hear" of people dying from a "broken heart" from being so upset for reasons, such as losing a loved one, a terrible break up, divorce etc... that was the type of MI I had... he called it a "broken heart "MI") - I had heard the term used about having a broken heart, but I didn't know it was a real medical emergency and a real type of heart attack that can happen. When I got home, again still with two tubes draining, they stayed in another 10 days...

 I went to the "office" to have then out finally, and I nearly passed out when they took them out... LITERALLY SHE PULLED OUT FEET AND FEET OF DRAINAGE TUBES THAT HAD BEEN IN MY BODY CAVITY!!! I could not FATHOM I HAD THAT MUCH "DRAINAGE TUBE" INSIDE ME THAT ENTIRE TIME... SO, WHEN I SAW THIS Clinical Trial, it brought up all of that mess I went through and just how closely I came to dying a couple of times while in the hospital.. the ORIGINAL SURGEON WHO CAUSED THE NICK IN MY BILE DUCT WAS FIRED IMMEDIATELY! It was an experience I NEVER WANT ANYONE TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH AGAIN.... not that it has to do with "this exact clinical trial BUT anything to do with your bile ducts, liver and gallbladder is nothing to "fool around" with... go immediately to a specialist if you have issues with something such as this and get checked out!

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