Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope pain stays at bay & you can all enjoy it!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends!

A Very Happy Valentine Day to each of my Dear Friends! I hope joy, laughter, love & LOTS of Cakes, Chocolates, Covered Strawberries, and a beautiful also fort all with sweethearts, may romance fill your days ahead! 

After my Mom making many many "heart shaped red velvet cakes each year for my b'day tomorrow...of course she can't any yesterday when I went to get groceries, there was these tiny heart shaped cakes for Valentine
day.. When I went to loo at them the did have a"red velvet one" -- so I now after missing a couple of years I have one! LOL!!! not as good as Mom's but is a remembrance of MOM & HER MAKING

THIS WEATHER REMINDS ME OF THE DAY I WAS BORN... Dad said he went at lunch time home to check on Mom because I was due at any time.. he said he went in & she was still in bed? He asked her if she isn't feeling well.. and she turned and looked at him, sayingI HURT! Dad was a bit hasty in telling her you have to get up, you are in labor! She said she couldn't& he told her YES YOU CAN, the baby is coming!!! So he got her in the car , they had to stop & pick up my Granny Svehlak ... then Dad saw he needed gas, since he had to go to Corsicana..and back then cars didn't run as fast and the speed limit was MUCH lower... so by the time he finally got to the hospital about 25 miles away, I think I was almost there!...I was born I think around 3 or 4i n the afternoon, and the weather was icy, snowy & very cold! Anyway at the time the waiting room for the Dad's Had a "pink" light on one side & a blue light on the opposite side. Dad did not know, so he was getting nervous & the nurse came out to tell him then"pink" light was on & he had a healthy baby girl!!!! I can recall Dad telling that story so many times and it always was too cute to hear him tell it!

May all of you enjoy a day filled with happiness and joy... and may pain stay at bay.. and illness give you a break!

Thinking of my friends & Wishing everyone Love in your life today and all the days to come!!!!

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