Monday, March 1, 2021

Need Plumbing Work, Have a wonderful Sauna, Tub, Rainfall, and more shower/tub to trade/sell needing to get things done before lumbar fusion surgery and more...

 Not sure about many of you but I have been basically without internet since the blizzard... it has been up and down morning, noon, midnight, all the time.. you are up one moment & the next it is down... it sucks..especially when there are things you really need to get done, like paying bills etc... by the way, since, (Jim passed away and the internet business as I had not been reminded, did not get paid of course so that address and site is no longer exists... which means I no longer have my MAIN email address for bills, for important issues ad so forth. For those that email me, which most of you just message me from here or send me a message or post, just keep doing that... I am having to go in and change ALL of my bills, and so forth, doctors, etc to a new email address... which I thought about making another new domain nam name myself. I have 2, one I had for a long time, the other is named for my blog, book, newspaper etc... which is the

but I have to get with my domain provide to find out just how to set up an email address for that domain name... I hate to use that because it is so long, so I thought about buying a shorter domain and using an email from it. Right now, I have my very old yahoo and hotmail emails that I have kept up and they are still active. But, I have not used them so they are clean of spam etc... so I may use one of them for now. My gmail one is already full of junk... does not take long... I DID NOT of course have the surgery A WEEK AGO, ON THE 17TH, WHICH WAS WHEN WE HAD THE SEVERE BLIZZARD... so I am having again TO RESCHEDULE! I STILL DO NOT HAVE WATER! MY PLUMBER SEEMS TO BE EITHER SNOWED UNDER, OR I HAVE TO WONDER MAYBE HE JUST DOES NOT LIKE ME... I don't know but I am just about tired of it... this is now about 14 DAYS! WITHOUT RUNNING WATER, NO REAL SHOWER, USINF WATER LESS SHAMPOO, CANNOT WASH DISHES, SO USING PAPER ETC... CANNOT DO LAUNDRY... I think I may just have to try to get someone else out here if I don't get any results by tomorrow...I realize it is insane for ALL of the plumbers, but 14 days, is getting way too long... plus I NEED THIS TOLIET FIXED BEFORE I HAVE SURGERY... NO WAY with a lumbar fusion and back brace I can rely on this toilet with the boards almost rotten under it, PLUS IF I CAN GET SOMEONE TO COME OUT, THAT WANTS THIS HUGE TUB, WITH ALL OF THE sauna, two sprayers, rain shower, water flow, foot massager, the water jets and it will even let you hook your phone up to it and has a radio... the works... I cannot set down in it any longer, or several reasons, one I cannot get up if I did, two, with the heat I can't use the sauna or the jets, due to the pacemaker and the pain pump, so at 2,500.00 or more dollars I paid or it, it is fairly easy to take apart and put back together... and needs a couple of small pieces you can order, mainly "cosmetic nothing huge"... it stands on stainless steel legs... anyway, if I could get someone who wanted it, I would take a very small amount, to help cover the cost of I just need a "walk in shower" with one seat, and some place to hold shampoo conditioner etc.. I would settle for just one that accomodates a shower curtain rather than a glass door, as long as it does not leak in the floor... I would consider a 4th or less of what I paid for it, depending on how much a plain walk in shower with one seat, and shelves for shower items...nothing fancy just reliable and easy to maintain. So, if anyone wants to put this out about maybe even a plumber knowing someone who would want this sauna, shower, etc tub, and could do some trading, cash etc for putting in the shower.. or even doing the toilet, shower... etc... we could work out something... I am desperate..I will NOT be able to get in it after the surgery, I barely can now.

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