Sunday, July 9, 2023

Dawning of A New Day..

Dawning of a New Day…

I’ve been swept away within a breaths’ space how fast life can change..

Just as a heart beat… or the rhythm of the perfect song..for I found my place.

I’m blown away and incredibly ready to spread my wings and fly…

The tears I’ve spilled…now I have my reasons to have hope …not cry.

Sometimes we walk away from something we should cling to…

Other times we wonder… as humans …why love and life tends to be askew.

“Tis never as I think it should be…

I’m learning to accept that I am excellent…just being me.

The stars may align in the heavens & planets are just in the correct space..

With my eyes wide open…and my heart always on my sleeve… I’m winning the race.

It’s a dawning of a new horizon; a new reason and the perfection of the soul…

That brings me to my knees… for now I can “”feel” that nothing has to take its toll.

I fear not how I deemed my life would be right at this moment…. I’m never alone.

Oddly I have had an awakening … what I need to make me see myself as whole.

I’m unique in many ways…. I dance to a different song… I accept that for it’s how I roll.

I’ve never been one to require material things…. now scars cover up my hearts’ hole.

Some may wonder if I’m a handful and may not be able to accept how I think…

I’ll not be someone who plays games;  I accept the changes… around the truth i won’t skate.

My head may be within the edge of where I stand on the edge… where I am totally free.

Toes over that ledge, arms open wide… willing to take a chance again…“Tis where I should be.

Thunder may roll, the skies turn cloudy.. and I watch how it tends to wash away all fears.

It’s only spaces between … shades of grey… suddenly I realize some listen & they hear.

What comes from the moments of each time my heart sings…

At that second my soul also …as a bell..rings.

Love is always ready to take you into the heavens..floating all around within the clear blue skies

Life moves, flows, ebbs, trying to bring me down; with time I shall stand on mountain top.. I shall arise

Never can I turn my heart out into this world broken nor  shall it be cold …

My guess is that I’m a fool & ready to try again… for love  am still sold..

Rhiannon Steele 6/18/2023

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