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Thursday, November 10, 2016

WEGO Health Day 10 - Bloggers Challenge - Writing a post (question) about my condition and then "answering it"



Dr. "Rheumy" If I do more exercises than I've been doing, although I do walk, ride my inside walker/skier, eat more apples, lose 10 pounds, start getting up 30 minutes early and do Yoga, then stay up 30minutes later, and use a calming essential oil, that has citrus, Tangerine oil, Patchouli oil, & Chamomile Blue Light oil in it...oh and for the "brain fog" I use first thing a"Mental Clarity" Essential Oil, with Sweet Basil Oil, Peppermint Oil, Geranium Oil, Jasmine Oil, and follow what I've read exactly for a "diet" that "clears" the autoimmune system, of RA and Lupus, do you feel this will in fact "clear out" my immune issues, and give me back all of my strength, power, brain power, forceful way through life, be able to snow ski, take 3 or 4 week vacations, and be back to my old self within 6 months?


As the "doctor" Dr. Rheumy tries not to laugh, or choke while not laughing, then would look me in the eyes as a patient, and at first say, those things are "good" for your overall health and well being. They definitely may give you "more days" that are with less fatigue, but, even with "all" of that work, that is what it could turn into, MORE Work, than your body at this point can stand. Which in turn could "weaken" your autoimmune system. You are already exercising, eating healthy, your weight is fine, and you are taking the medications prescribed for you. "Getting up earlier" and going to bed "later" although to do some "positive" may cause you to have less sleep which also effect your all over health, especially your immune system, that is "weakened". I KNOW there are some VERY excellent blogs, articles, even physicians, experts, and those online who want only to "help" others just like you. Yet, "some of those things" are not sometimes helpful but could cause more harm if mixed in with your regular medications. The essential oils are something you could diffuse and may give you some relaxation and then clarity and focus, or used in a bath, and apples are great for you always, most all types of fruit, and Yoga can help with "training" possibly the brain to not "feel so much pain" or give you more focus and calmness. YET, I along with every specialist, Regular physicians, experts, researchers, ALL will tell you, as of now, there is NO CURE FOR Rheumatoid Arthritis, nor Lupus or any other of the autoimmune illnesses. We have came a very long way with medications that can help the symptoms, and possibly "slow down" the rate your body is effected by these. But, no one at this moment has found a cure. I can ASSURE YOU that YOU AND ALL OF MY PATIENTS WILL BE THE 1ST TO KNOW, and come in FOR THAT CURE, WHEN THAT HAPPENS! That will be a joyful day for hundreds of thousands of patients just like yourself.

I "hope" I've helped clear up some things, as well as give you an idea of "what may" give you a bit of relief, or a tiny less fatigue, or even "more" better days than bad ones.

By the way, keep on "researching" online, BUT make sure you ask myself or your PCP BEFORE you were to try anything out there. There could be some people that want to "harm" more than do good.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 6 - "Superpower Sunday?" #HAWMC - WEGO's Monthly 2016 Blog/Writers Challenge! What kind of "SUPERPOWER" would I have & How I would use it?

Superpower Sunday! WEGO Health - Day 6 of the Monthly Blog/Writer Challenge! 

What kind of "Superpower" would I have and how would I use it?

Great Question, and one I had to give thought to. If I was able to have some type of superpower, first of all, I would want it to be something that could help ALL who are chronically ill, in chronic pain, and especially in some realm where I could help "diagnose" what was wrong and have the ability to fix it, or possibly stop it before it even happened.

So, I guess I would want the ability to see "behind" as far as years, decades and so forth, plus be able to see ahead in the decades and years to come. In that sight, I would want the ability to "look" at someone, or touch someone and know immediately they were ill, before any symptoms really arose. Then I would want to be able to put together what their future and their past looks like, even forward to their grand kids and all of their relatives ahead, along with all of their years before they were born, and find if their were "issues medically" that they had no clue existed. 

I would want to be able to "see" within my mind's eye, what was coming "medically" in the future, and take that to what had been gathered in the past, such as Penicillin, or the place where the "gene" for a certain type of breast cancer was found, and put that data together to help stop severe medical problems we as humans have, and event some way to "stop" those events before they were even known to exist. I know this sounds like more than "one" superpower, but it is mainly having the ability to "see" ahead and "behind", to correlate that information so "chronic illnesses" such as Diabetes, Cancer, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, AIDS, "genetic" illnesses that begin in "utero" long before they can be "seen", and the diseases that are to come in the future, able to "halt" their progress well before they are ever in fruition to exist within humans. 

I basically would want to be a "super doctor, medical research expert" and "fix" what is wrong well before it happens, as well as "heal" those who have already been in the "grip" of some of our horrid illnesses that strike down so many thousands and thousands annually.