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Friday, August 31, 2018

"Some Gave All"... "Senator John McCain In So Many Ways, and We Continue to Know Each Day is A Gift, Memorial Day, "Invisible Illnesses, and those Visible....

One of those of the VERY BRAVE, who served, who protected, who gave ALL, and then continued to give even more, for so many, many years. I loved what our "Last Vice President, Joe Biden" said, about him "they were like Brothers, and they "fought" at times like brothers, and also came together often as brothers"...

I have really never "stepped" on "either side of party lines"... I've felt that the "person" man or woman who serves our nation best, is the one who should take the roles of serving our nation, in Congress, in the roles of the Senate, of Commander and Chief, those who go into battle, knowing they may "give all", and those families, who know as their loved ones leave on those trips to protect our country, that they may never "see them again" other than lying still, until someday they meet again in the heavens above. It is not just those who fight, who serve, who run our states, run our nation, but also the families that stand beside them, and have to be as brave,

if not more brave knowing there could be a "grave loss" of life, of limb, of body, and often times, come back without the "emotional" ways they had before they went to see the horror things they must see and endure daily on foreign soils... yet even on our own soil, all too often now we see such danger, such damage of life, of sorrow, those who go to school, to college, to work, to a concert, and never know how that day may end.... it is for this we Celebrate Memorial Day... Celebrate Life, and Celebrate those who give their own life, in order that we may carry our own lives forward... May everyone reflect upon the Greatness of Ours that give, in every way... Be safe, be proud, and hold the "freedom" in your heart that we have today... for we never know when that moment may come, that "freedom" may not "ring our as loudly" as it does at this moment.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy Memorial Day and also Come One, and All to the National Polka Festival!

Time for the Polka lots of it, much "Pivo" for many, so much of a crowd from all over the world for the National Polka Festival, food, fun, and a parade, plus much more. Anyone who has never been to it for the weekend that actually some of it begins today, then the main kick-off is the parade at 10AM tomorrow morning.. from there dancing in the streets and some of our streets are STILL the original brick.. much eating, and I am sure even more BEER flowing, for as the song goes, "In Heaven there is No Beer.".. just one of the many songs that will grace the airway of our town this weekend!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Wishing Our Nation A Happy and United Memorial Day - Nevver Shall We Forget Those Who Keep Us Safe and Free

May We ALL REMEMBER Each and Every Life that is Given and Shall be Given So We Can Continue to Walk in Our Nation and in Our Towns with Freedom's so many do not have. Even though All of the Darkest Times in History, We have Remained FREE! Let's Hope that shall always be for our Children, Their Children and the Others that Shall Follow in Greatness!

Wishing each of you a Happy, Safe, and Wonderful Memorial Day Holiday, From Sea to Shining Sea!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

IN "Rememberance" of those who have given their lives "Memorial Day", National Polka Festival and the Texas Motorplex!

Most of us just "live" for the "Official Start" of Summer! We tend to view "Memorial Day" as the holiday to begin warm weather, lots of outings, camping, trips to the lake, and plenty of great cooking, from barbeque, to potato salad, deviled eggs, chips, dip, you name it, all of that "summer" food! Oh, and of course, never forget a bit a beer splashed in there also.

We also for the most part know why we are in such celebration of this holiday. It is to given remembrance to ALL of our fallen men and women throughout history, that were out their, and risked life and limb to keep our country free and safe. I wanted to share a bit of history about it all, so I found a couple of links to share.

I also made my visit to my Dad's grave, put new flowers on it, and gosh forgot the flag. If this weather will give me a break over the next couple of days, I will make sure I get a flag out there also.

I didn't know about the "poppies" and how they play a role in all of this. So, I found that part interesting.

Here are the links:

So, as we celebrate our holiday weekend in all kinds of ways, I want to say a very Happy and very Safe Memorial Day to All. I realize for many of us, the weather may "dampen" our celebration. For us here in the Ennis, area, just below Dallas, we are supposed to also be celebrating National Polka Festival. For those of you that don't know, Ennis has an amazing history of many people here that are of Czech background. Many are either full blood, or at least half Czech. We have many that their close relatives may have come over from the country, like my Great Grandparents did, many years ago. So, it is a huge National Celebration, and our town of about 8,000 will be more like 20,000 this weekend. The weather here is very bleak, gray and also rainy. So, that does put a real "damper" on the parade and all of the outside activities that start off this morning and go until Sunday evening. We have several "Czech" Halls here. They all of Polka bands, and in fact the Bellamy Brothers are here to be the opening band at the Sokol Hall this year. There is no telling how much barbeque, Klobase', Kolaches, Saurkraut and everything else that goes along with it will be consumed, as well as a LOAD of beer! They will be dancing the Polka all weekend long and even have a dance here in one of our streets, usually on one that still has the original brick that was first laid here in town for our streets. I am putting this link up for those of you that would like to know more about the event:

Here you go, this is the main website that can tell you all about it, the history, and see the beautiful costumes. I had several when I was younger. I am "Half Czech". My Mom is full blood and it was her Grandparents that came over on a boat there at the statue of Liberty many, many years ago..

So, as you can see, this "small town" has a great deal of "life" in it. Also, for any that don't know we also have what used to be the only "all-concrete" drag racing facility here. Which is the Texas Motorplex!!!! This town used to host two of the National events annually. One used to be on this weekend also, the spring nationals. I believe it probably just got too large too handle all of the events on one weekend. So, Ennis hosts the Fall Nationals in September I believe. When advertised they say in "Dallas", but NO it is right here in Ennis TX...

Believe it or not I RACED down that drag strip several years back!!! We at that time did the Friday races in the spring and summer months. I spent a great deal of time out there when I was not "chronically ill" ... and loved the racing... nothing like going down a track, in a car, the quarter mile, at well over 120 MPH, for a "novice" like myself... So, that is another fact about my town.I did the "bracket racing" back then....

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