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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Medtronic's Pain Pump Medtronic "2" has issues and needs to be "fixed" - Bothering me immensely this Pump has been a total Life Saver for Me!

 I've had the exact same pump in since 2010! In fact it will be 5 years next month, in October since I had it put in. I've never had any problems with the pump. I get it refilled about every 3 months, and it can always be adjusted, and has been a couple of times over the years. But, I can also "give myself an extra bolus" every 12 hours with the 1st "PTM" that came with this one. I was one of the 1st patients to get this particular one. I have a handheld device that after 12 hours, allows me to give myself an "extra" bolus of medication. I can hold the "Patient Treatment Manager" (I think that is what the PTM means) up to the top of the device and it sends a signal to it and if 12 hours have gone by, then it gives me a tiny extra dose, each time I do that, spread again over a 12 hour time frame!

I knew when the pump was put in, that after about 7 years or more, I will probably face having to have it replaced. The batteries can run out, but it can also be longer than 7 years also. Yet, when that time arrives I want to know I can get the same one implanted!

It has been one of the most positive changes in my life. I just don't know what I would do without it!

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