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Friday, January 12, 2018

SEVERE SYMPTOMS many and My Own Delve into Babesia, Chronic Lyme, Co-Infections from Lyme, Cat Scratch Fever, Drenching cold sweats

I have thought about it since I got up once again at 3:30AM, which is better than 2:30 the past couple of days... and while I was watching TV and then went to do a couple of things in the kitchen, (and the weather is extremely WINDY AND COLD, TEMPS ARE AT 25 THIS MORNING AGAIN)...

I given MUCH thought to "all" of these "symptoms" that I've been having. I had even bought one of the "smart bands" that keep up mainly with my "heart rate"... since it is so bad about being "low" if I take my Metoprolol that I take for the "extra beat", they think it reduces my heart rate, and then that is what causes the SEVERE cold, drenching clothes, shivering sweats, of which NOW I've had two of them so BAD, yesterday and both during the day time this time, which is odd, usually they happen at night, that my hair, my clothes, a jacket I wear inside if it's cool and my huge robe was "soaking" wet.

I am totally drenched when I have some of them that get bad.... anyway, it "makes sense" that my body "reacts" with that "type of sweat" to get my heart rate to increase, thus why I am even giving thought to a pacemaker. Which they are so tiny now days, the ONLY thing is once I have one, then it is THERE for the rest of my life. I won't be able to "take it out" someday and not have one. My Cardiologist and I talked about it when I saw her a couple of months ago, and she gave me information, plus Lourdes Villegas Anaya has one so she has talked to me about hers, and I've of course researched them myself. "If" that is a portion of the problem, and then after wearing this band the past 3 days, today will be day 4, I can "see" anytime what my heart rate, steps, if I walk, run, (never will happen that I run -LOL BEFORE I ever had joint problems etc,

I was never a "runner") anyway, you get the message... I've noticed that my heart rate tends to be "erratic" ... just in general. And I am going to look into it more today, because what I am "seeing" could be "normal"... I just thought it was "off" yesterday BUT I was in one of those horrid, nightmare of a cold sweat for hours and hours yesterday...

I was still not so sure, with the way I feel that maybe I do have the flu in some way... anyway, I wanted to do some looking into the "multiple" symptoms I've had especially over the past about 6 weeks, with the EXTREME PAIN, in my joints, muscles, the severe headache, and even though I had the injection and then now I am still on the step down of Prednisone, that I go today to 2 pills for the next 2 days... so I've done 4 for 3 days, 3 for 3 days, now 2 for two days, then 1 for two days, then to a half for 2 days.... yet, the pain was so bad after about the 5th day after the injection, so I had it a week ago today, and over last weekend I felt "better"... then it hit me late Monday evening, and then Tuesday and Wednesday,

I was ready to sit in the floor cry, scream, the pain was just horrendous. It was my legs, into my hips, it was my shoulders, especially the right one, my neck, which worries me because I have to wonder if I don't have a "failed cervical neck surgery" or another disc fractured or something... The problem is there is so many "symptoms" and then there are the "medications" to take into consideration.... ONE of my ideas is that the "Acterma" for the RA

I started about in September is NOT working as well, due to I am not on Methotrexate anymore. They took me off of it, about maybe even a year ago or more, because of the severity of the infections, especially when I developed the "cellulitis" in both top thighs, and it abscessed and i went to wound care for over 6 weeks in DALLAS every week, to have those "debrided" and redone.... I thought they would NEVER get well and I still have almost like a quarter sized scar/a bit of an indention on both thighs where those were.

Here is more information and more thoughts on some of the things I found from a search of symptoms and so forth...

 Well I have to say, even after a "short" research into my "symptoms" and by the way MY PCP HAS THE FLU! I called about a prescription that had not been getting to them from the pharmacy and found out he is sick with the flu... anyway, MY BEST Friend from Grade School and now my "Vet" told me about "symptoms" and all of the issues I had, and I looked up "Bartonella" which is now also associated with another "chronic health issue" that is an off set of "Chronic Lyme Disease" called Babesiosis - Babesia (which as far as I "know" I don't think I've ever been bitten by a tick, and never had any on my pups unless it was way back in the 1990's when I lived in Blooming Grove and the pups may have one on them once or twice, or when Dad hunted deer, he would get a tick on him every great while, but I have been BITTEN BY A CAT, IN FACT MY OWN CAT, in 2005 when I was in San Pedro, and it was a severe bite... he did it not because he "wanted to"... I lived in a 2 floor - 4 apartment type of place there, and they were putting new screens on the windows, this was on the top floor where mine was, and they didn't tell me they had the screens off, I had been out walking, when I came back one of my cats, was falling out the window!D I heard him and went of course to try and catch him and of course he was scared to death - and he bit the literal HELL out of my hand... it "pierced" the skin almost all the way through, and it hurt for DAYS! I went to the ER twice and I had just moved there so I knew nothing about doctors etc there at the time, anyway, I was on antibiotics, got a tetanus shot, and had pain meds for 10 days or more, it was at Thanksgiving and I could not even stand up to do anything, I was in so much pain, and bless the cat's heart, he was "never the same"... I "think" he knew he "hurt" me so he was always kind of almost frightened he would harm me again, or thought I was "mad" at him... even though I was not, but of course it was stupid me that went to help him, a natural reaction for anyone with a cat, dog etc... but the "Bartonella" can come from "cat scratch fever" which of course I knew about... so now I have to wonder, although I had "symptoms" of some degree before this happened, if she has really "hit" the nail on the head.... I think I will pull some information, and take it with me to see my Rheumatologist and my PCP the last week of the month, and see what they have to say... so Venetia Shafer I KNEW you had a great point back when we talked about this before, but with the symptoms so much worse now than ever, I have to wonder if it has something to do with that or one of the 'RELATED" TO ONE OF THESE TYPES OF ILLNESSES...

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