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Monday, October 24, 2022

Updates of posts, and so forth on Lupus Colitis & now chronic fractured collarbone and shoulder blade and more...

I'll post more, I have to get the other off my laptop also ;)

NOT good news, collarbone and shoulder blade still broken and have a huge gap in the breaks plus bone fragments.. I had 2 FRACTURED RIBS AND DID NOT KNOW IT!! My "rotator cuff" is so torn it will NOT hold another shoulder replacement. The replacement is okay that is there but just holding on by a thread. Plus it appears I "may" have a particular illness that Lupus or RA can cause effecting at least my right lung.. The didn't do the CT scans bt on the fractures so the CT Scan was large enough to find the ribs and the lung issue... and i know I don't know what to say either other than I will live with it I guess... I don't think it is fixable... and if it is that bad as I said just the messed up rotator cuff leaves out a new replacement... I am more than FED UP!

I KNEW from the age of about 35 I HAD "lupus" "Ra" or some other autoimmune disease. I had already began with multiple joint pain/surgeries,, I could not be in the sun light long, I never could get my body temp to be stable (I was either hot or cold), I ran a low grade fever for several years, I had HORRIBLE MIGRAINES but they seemed to be "different" than a regular Migraine (Lupus Migraines. I went to my PCP, I went to my PCP while in Seattle WA, I asked and was X-rayed, had CT scans, MRI's, I was tired a great deal. RA RUNS in my family. I had knee surgeries, elbow surgery, shoulder surgery before 40, had a heart attack at 40. It TOOK me at least 15 years to find the RIGHT doctor to help diagnose me. In 2007 , after BOTH KNEES BEING REPLACED. My then Orthopedic doctor told me he felt I hd RA or some type of chronic illness attacking my joints. By then the pain was horrible, changed with the weather etc. Our town got a new PCP in thank goodness! HE is a GENIUS! He gets to know the patient in all manners, not just a body that needs help, he works with mind soul, what is happening in your life, tells things in plain English. Is THERE anytime you need him. I began seeing him about 2 months after he opened his practice. After 2 years or so, he began asking me about "autoimmune" issues, had anyone did labs, did I have "arthritis" run in my family? He DID ALL THE LABS HE COULD FOR AUTOIMMUNE ILLNESSES. Immediately, he said I feel you have Lupus, and maybe another autoimmune problem. So, I FINALLY SAW MY 1ST RHEUMATOLOGIST, in 2009 or so. He ran his own Labs and di a very thorough exam, questions, and within a week, he told me, he felt I had, Lupus, Sjogrens, Raynauds, "hypermobility syndrome of the joints" & that although the Lab for "RA" was negative I may have "seronegative RA". I went through 5 Rheumy's before I finally found 1 who knew my issues, was patient, kind, took his time really LISTEN still is very much active with all of it and he works with the Lupus, My Rheumy is more a "RA" specialist, so he sees me more for that. 

so there is just a piece of y "journey" that is still ongoing.

I have 1st a "laundry room" that as built onto the house after it was built in 1950. In fact they just left the "outside wall" of the house for the wall itself in the room. It's about 6' x 9' at the most. I had a HOT WATER PIPE BURST underneath that area, & the way my house and land slant, I didn't find it till I went into the laundry room and MOLD was growing everywhere and my backyard looked like a "heated"Olympic swimming pool! The laundry room was already in horrible shape & I intended on having it removed & built BUT COVID came in, then I've been ill & also have had and still do a fractured collarbone & should blade that after 15 WEEKS never healed. I want that laundry room torn off & the door that is metal put on where the door is into the laundry room to the kitchen now. I need a new storm door but the metal door is good. I also have my toilet that I think ahs rotted "laag bolts". A plumber seemed to think it's the wood BUT I think the wood maybe fine, it just needs to be reseated with a new wax ring, & new lag bolts. And I have the new insides for the tank already just did not put them in yet. The hot water pipe leaked mostly down fro the laundry room BUT hat heat and steam "lifte" and cracked some of the "Hardie board" in my kitchen by that door that goes into it.  need some floor work there. My "intention" is to tear down that horrid laundry room, then I already have a "wooden storage shed" picked out at Lowe's to put almost up agains the house, with a small breezeway so I can come up and down to the house and to the laundry room. It already has windows, the floor but I will have them put the treated floor in, plenty of room, a shingled roof, and when my water heater that is BEHIND my fridge in a closet in y kitchen goes out, it can go in that "new laundry room/shed" I am going to put lights in ther, my plumbing and electrical are already out there, just probably extend it 5 to 7 feet to the new one. I also have a HUGE tub/sauna/jacuzzi/awaterfall,rainfall, foot massage SHOWER, that is in very good shape. I want to ge it out of my batroom, and just put a simple walk in shower in. The TUB now stand on legs and come apart, and I would sell it, or whatever. I paid 2,500.00 about  15 years ago, & I even along with a friend put it together. It needs to have the caulking all cleaned etc and reset the glass windows in it, but it is still in very good shape. With the issues with my joints, etc. I don't need to be stepping into it.. I have already fractured  what I said above, plus a hip about 5 years ago. IF I can't sell it, then I just want it gone and the walk in shower put in. Simple, like one from Lowe's etc... and I want to put my own seat in it. So, something simple is all I need.  Also, about 4 weeks ago, my naighbor was helping now my lawn and a piece of METAL IRON HOOK, camae FLYING though the bedroom STORM WINDOW, OLD WOODEN WINDOW, BROKE MY MINI BLIND AND LANDED. Had the mini blind not stopped it, I was walking into the bedroom when it came in. I think during all the ectreme heat, it shrank the ground back so far, and then it rained and this lot I find all kind of glass, metal, even old medicine bottles, pieces of china etc.. I have TWO windows on that North side. I want to take both the storm windows and the ol wooden windows out and just put ONE GLASS window there. Does not have to open etc, jus t filter out some of the morning sunlight. My neighbor did theirs that way on a couple of them I I love it. The old windows in the house are also rotten, well some of them. Ao, those 2 could go, and that one window take the place. I have some minor, a ceiling fan nees to be hung, I used to do them myself but can't get my right arm over my head any more. I have a new set of outside lights for the back that need to be installed. My barhoom already ahs the lgihts and bathfan ran and in the ceiling BUT they enver got hooked into the main wiring, so that is another small thing, a mirror for the bathroom, a light fixture for over the sink... I NEED A ROOF! But, the laundry room and shower, and reseating the toilet are my main issues right now. Between COVID messing everything up for so long and my own illnesses etc it seems every week something new happens. So, that is most of it! I haave a huge back lot, (that needs to be mowe) but that is not in the mix really, but all that old lumber, and some trimming of trees for the new laundry room COULD go back there. I have a huge gate in the back & as rotten as that stuff is, it will  be saw dust soon. So, let me know "what" parts you may be able to do something about, or if not I understand. 

Had CT scans done this morning of my clavicle and shoulder blade... so we shall see just how much worse it is than the X-rays which were horrible.. they did not get a good X-ray of the shoulder blade but I think it's also still fractured... or healed wrong.. NOW, I can't tell f my hips are hurting, or my lower back, or if I have KIDNEY STONES DAMMIT! I have kind of flank pan, BUT the weather is fixing to change Even Bella, my Doxie, could NOT hardly walk yesterday on her back legs! She may ahve to go see "Dr. Venetia".. BUT with this still fractured mess of a collarbone etc. and she weighs a ton, and I know where it hurts, I can touch her in a certain spot on her lower back end on kind of a hi side and she will growl a bit to et me know YES!! THAT HURTS!!! But, I don't want her NOT to be able to walk... I MAKE her get up off the sofa and walk a bit, and make her SIT up to eat etc... she wants to lay a certain way when it hurts her , so I have to coax her into sitting up...I am a flippin' mess FRIGGIN BODY AND HOUSE!!!!