Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Lots of drama ...almost too crazy to even speak of...I don't know if you would even believe it. I really do not know where to begin but to say honestly, on Feb 2nd an ordeal of epic proportions began for me, and I almost did not survive it. All of what went on even up until today, really changed my vision as to how I look at life each day. I basically got extremely ill very quickly on Feb 2nd, being take via ambulance to our local hospital. It appeared I had gallbladder issues, thus I had what was supposed to be a "basic" surgery...that turned unto anything but basic. By accident I got a slit in my liver, from the gallbladder surgery, the sent me to a hospital in Dallas..where I was for almost a month. I had several surgical procedures, was on many antibiotics and medications, and has a slight heart attack again while I went through all of the other mess. I am still going from doctor to doctor and still have a procedure next week in Dallas to take out a stent that is in my main common bile duct, due to it collapsing. We won't know if all of that has healed properly until I have that done next week. It has been an extremely frightening, nerve racking, depressing, and emotional roller coaster over the past almost 3 months. I will definitely be writing much more and now really feel a book should come out of all of this. I hope all is well with you and yours...take care... and love each day as it was your last.... xoox Rhia

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